Monday, August 16, 2010

SFGate: Progress seen in student test results

This from SFGate:
If slow and steady wins the race, California schools will eventually emerge victorious in significantly raising student proficiency levels in math and English, but at the current pace, it will take years if not decades.

Standardized test results released today show scores inched up for the eighth year in a row in the state's public schools. They rose across most demographics and grade levels, an indication that state schools are headed in the right direction.

The achievement gap between Hispanic students and their white or Asian peers narrowed a bit, but remained largely unchanged for African American children. About 40 percent of Hispanic and African American students were proficient in English on the California Standards Test at the end of the 2009-10 school year, compared to 69 percent of white students and 75 percent of Asian students.

Overall, 52 percent of state students were proficient or above in English and 48 percent were proficient or above in math, up two points in each subject from the year before.

Since 2003, 731,133 more students have become proficient in English, a 17 percentage point gain, and 586,765 more are scoring better in math, up 13 percentage points, state education officials said.

San Francisco schools maintained higher scores than the state average, with 56 percent proficient or above in English and 65 percent in math.


  1. As always SFUSD slightly outperforms the State due in large part to the outperformance of the predominate Asian population in SF. SFUSD should not be patting itself on the back, but focusing itself upon academics rather than the tired old political game of diversity. The court orders have expired. The experiment failed.It is time to get back to what school is all about. But as usual there is little talk from either the administration or the Board about student achievement unless it to congratulate themselves for their demographics.

  2. Don's actually partially correct on this, if you break down test results for Math and English by ethnic group. I looked at results at Grade 5 and at Grade 11 or EOC for English and General Math.

    For whites and asians: not a whole lot of difference than the average, and actually slightly better in math than the state average.

    For hispanics and african-american, SFUSD is running below the state average, substantially so for African-americans and for hispanics in English proficiency.