Friday, August 27, 2010

Check out the Mann Middle School blog

This from a reader:
As parents with kids in elementary school try to get their arms around the new middle school feeder patterns, families with children who will feed to Mann Middle School in the Mission (Buena Vista, Cesar Chavez, Starr King and Daniel Webster) are gathering information about their new future school. They've started a blog and you can see it here:


  1. I'm really impressed by these parents. Way to dig in, get the facts, and move forward. Mann will be a great school with parents like this on board!

    I'm not an immersion parent, but I think the idea of having Spanish and Chinese strands in such a small school will make for a very exciting community. Wonderful opportunities for exposure and growth.

  2. Nice job!!

    I have to say that I've been very concerned about the abysmal test scores coming out of this school.
    Maybe if these active parents can do what they did for Flynn SI, Webster SI, Starr King SI, etc there is hope for this school to become a rising star in a few years.

  3. Actually, Flynn is not feeding into Mann according to the draft proposal (though maybe they should, at least until the IB program is going at ISA--and the SI should go to a school that is gearing up to support Spanish immersion).

    Schools feeding into Mann are proposed to be Starr King, Daniel Webster, Buena Vista, and Cesar Chavez. Agreed that there are active parents in this mix with experience in building up a school. I love the blog they have set up and wish them the very, very best.