Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot topic: 5th grade teacher bikes to D.C.

This from a reader:
definitely worth a blog mention:

Kelly Clark Completes Cross-Country Ride!

On behalf of the faculty, parents, community, and especially the students of Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy and across the country, we congratulate our fifth-grade teacher Kelly Clark and her team at WE RIDE for completing their 3,200 mile bike ride across the United States just hours ago. We’re proud to announce they arrived at Washington Circle Park in Washington, DC today " July 17, 2010 " at 4:35pm Eastern time.

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  1. thanks kate! check out the full story here: http://harveymilk.com/news/kelly-clark-completes-cross-country-ride/

    SO proud of Kelly Clark. we have some excellent leaders working on teaching tomorrow's excellent leaders!