Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visit the new SF K Files Community site

Several readers have visited the new SF K Files Community site and now I'd like to extend the invitation to the greater community. I'm excited about this new section of the Web site as it has a forum where readers can start their own online conversations. There's also a database of schools so it's easy to track down school information and find past blog posts related to that school.

The URL is The password is pan*cake

Please visit the site and offer feedback by sending an email to

f you choose to visit the site, here's what you can do:

1) Go to then click "sign in," in the upper right of the page to get started creating an account.
2) Create an account
3) Your account activation will be sent to your email; click on the link; the password is pan*cake
4) Now you can log in
5) Welcome to the new Community site!
6) Check out the Forum. Try starting a new forum topic and responding to some of the questions there.
7) Go to "Schools." Search for your school; try looking for a few other schools.
8) Now go to your school and try editing the content on the page--or adding to the content. The school database is like a "wiki" so people can add to it, update info, correct errors. (Make sure that the info you enter on this page is factual!)
9) Now on your school page, near the bottom, tell us "why you love your school." We're allowing parents to add reviews but we're asking them to offer praise in an effort to keep things positive (as we all know that there's plenty of negativity in the comments section of the site).
10) Browse the site noting what's working and not working.
11) Send an email with feedback to

Thanks so much!


  1. When I go to 'sign in' it asks for an 'alpha password', so I can't sign in

  2. Love your blog. Love it, love it, love it! I like your new blog too. Now that your new blog is up and running, is it possible to make a few changes to the layout of the old (original) blog?

    For example, many schools are reviewed in a section called "Labels," while a handful of schools (Alamo, Alice Fong Yu, Alvarado, Buena Vista, Creative Arts Charter, Fairmount, Flynn, French American, George Peabody, Grattan, Lakeshore, Lawton, Live Oak, Marin Country Day, McKinley, Miraloma, Rooftop, Rosa Parks, San Francisco Day School, St. Monica, Synergy) are listed separately in a section called "School reviews." Can you consolidate school reviews in one place or the other (preferably under "School reviews" but either location is fine as long as all reviews are together)? If you want the reviews that you wrote to stand out, then perhaps you can put your initials after the school name.

    Also, the most exciting thing about your blog is logging onto it every day to see what new topics have been added. These are presented chronilogically at the VERY BOTTOM of the right-side menu in a section labeled, "Blog archive." One must scroll, scroll, and then scroll some more to get to the new topics (a real pain while reading blog on a hand-held device and riding MUNI during morning commute!). Is it possible to move this section to the top of the right-hand column, so that it is the first item on the list?

    Thanks you!

  3. I can't create an account either. I get the same thing, I need to enter an "alpha password." I'm not sure what this is. Can someone help?

  4. The password is in step 3 of the instructions.

  5. Thanks for pointing out that the blog archive should be moved up. I just made that change. I'll work on the labeling. I know that it's screwy. Just haven't taken the time to fix it but will do so soon. Thanks!

  6. There doesn't appear to be any SEARCH function on the new site, and that's disappointing.

  7. I can't get the sign in button to work; is it just me?

  8. The sign in doesn't work for me either

  9. Cool, if Don isn't going to be there, I'll join!

  10. Friday was another waitpool change deadline. The next letters get mailed out June 30 and they should post the updated WP numbers. I'm not really expecting a letter, but do hope my WP numbers go down.

    I know one family moving, saw another post here of someone giving up a trophy public for private. I sure hope there is some more movement. I'm really curious to see the WP posting on Aug. 6 right b/f school starts. That will be after they make everyone confirm they want to stay in. Hopefully that will clear a lot of people who have moved on. Fingers crossed for a K placement in 2010. Are there others out there with no school? Are you thinking about it all the time?

  11. To the June 15th poster, I'd go down to SFUSD now and say hi to a counselor -- or at least give them a call. This has been a pretty good suggestion from others who've gone through this process. Seriously. I know you may not want to be a pest, but I get the distinct feeling they really are trying to cull the "truly desperate" from the folks who aren't. I'm on a relatively long waitpool for an upper grade and I emailed them a couple of weeks ago. I got no response and then called and got the person who I'd emailed. She was truly apologetic, said she wanted to help when I mumbled something about not wanting to bother her, and then proceeded to give me some not-negative information. Maybe I'm grasping for straws here but I felt a hell of a lot better after talking to her. And I got the feeling that for those of us who are (ahem) truly desperate and have no alternatives, they do want to know that. So give them a call and good luck to you!

  12. June 15, 10:09am poster:

    I, too, have no public school for my daughter for K. I feel desperate and think about it all the time, too! I am trying not to since there is nothing new to think about until June 30. I am hoping that everything will work out for the best for both of us. One thing I did differently this round was to switch from a very crowded wait pool to a much less crowded one. You could think about doing that in the next round. Our new wait pool school is less convenient but my husband and I are happy with it.

    Good luck to you!

  13. To those of you who are waiting for a public spot, have faith and be patient! I have tons of friends that got in much closer to September last year. Also, I have a very happy friend at Marin Prep School in the Castro. It's a new school, and they offer financial aid. Good luck!

  14. can't get sign in button to work - have tried from two different computers

  15. I don't like the new site, it's formatted strangely and not user-friendly.