Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on the Edison Charter School

This from the new principal at the Edison Charter School:
I've just come across your blog and wanted to provide you with some updated information regarding Edison Charter Academy at 22nd and Dolores in San Fran.

The school is no longer under the management of Edison Schools! In March of 2010 the school's Board voted to discontinue having the company manage ECA because of many of the very valid points mentioned on your blog. At that point I was hired as interim Principal.

Unfortunately, as is apparently the norm, Edison Management had left the school in terrible shape. However, I have never met a more caring group of teachers, and committed parents in my 20+ years of educational service. We have worked together on developing a mission and vision which encompasses neighborhood values and community spirit.

The teachers are so excited about being out from under the Edison Management hammer and have already made great changes. I would like to share a couple of important new facts about Edison Charter School.

1. It is named after Thomas Edison, which is engraved on the building, so as much as we would like to change the name, it is taking a bit of negotiations with SFUSD. We would love to be able to completely get out from under the horrible reputation of the previous management company.

2. We have just been given a score of 10 out of 10 on the California Academic Performance Index for comparable schools, as well as jumped 2 points on the scale- an almost unheard of advance. However, we do this without the focus on testing model. Our focus is on the whole student, and they respond!

3. This fall, August 2010, not only will we have a PTA or PTO, we also already have a wonderful foundation supporting our school which is bringing about sweeping change.

4. SFUSD FINALLY approved the complete renovation of the building, inside and out, which will start in October. Classes will not be disrupted, it will be done in stages, and I would be thrilled to show you the plans and explain it in detail. What will result is a completely new building to grace an already beautiful neighborhood.

5. We have secured a grant from a well-known group called Playworks- check them out on They will be part of our incredible programs that include dance, art, PE, after school youth league sports, and drama- all fully funded programs- hard to find in any school!

I hope you'll consider sharing this information with your blog readers. We are working hard to become a friendly neighborhood school with community values and really need the news of our disengagement from Edison Management to get out there!

Adrienne Morrell, Principal


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. It sounds like good things are happening at the school.

  2. How do I apply for this year's K. Does it go thru SFUSD? I've never heard of this school. Should I contact them directly? Are they full? 22nd and Dolores is a great location.

  3. I'm glad to see things happening at the school, but am more than a little surprised. I had looked at it three years ago and had been concerned about the lack of parental involvement. Well, from this post, it sounds like the parents have gotten more involved! I also had been concerned about its test scores, but, from what this post says, those test scores have apparently skyrocketed! Unfortunately, my guess is that the school is either closed for summer at this point or close to its last day, which means those of us interested in it for August will have to guess at how the school has been running. I wish we all knew about this early enough to take a tour and see the place in action.

  4. Is it still a charter school? If so, is there a new charter?

  5. Maybe you can start referring to the school as "Thomas Edison Charter School" or simply "Thomas E Charter School" to get out from under the stigma of the former management company.

    What is the name of the new management company? What is the URL for your school website? I could not find anything publically through Google search relating to these changes.

    Is Mission Preparatory Charter School (K-8) still scheduled to open August 2011?

  6. Actually, the name was Edison School even before it became an (Edison-run) charter school.

  7. The school board did not approve the Mission Prep charter.

  8. The phone number for Thomas Edison Charter School is 415-970-3330. The office staff, Principal and Academy Director work through the summer. Call the number for a school tour. Certain grades are full with a waiting list, others are not. They are in process of adding a 4th K in order to accept new students for K and keep their small class sizes. I have two kids there and love the school. I recommended it to a neighbor and she said that although there were no kids for her tour she was walked through all of the classrooms and showed student work, etc.

  9. Do you accept students with IEPS?

  10. Re: IEP's- the school has a mild to moderate SPED department for students who are mainstreamed but need special education services as assistance to the regular curriculum.
    Re: Yes, it is still a charter school working hard to be an independent community school. It does not go through SFUSD.
    Re: website- but it is under re-construction after disengagement from Edison Mgmt. We promise to have it updated by the end of June. Our wonderful technology guy is working hard to reconfigure the computer lab, all classroom computers, etc. so thanks for your patience!
    We currently have openings in K-3, 5th, 7th and 8th grades and when our remodeling is finished we will have a complete pre-school!
    All of our students take Dance, PE, Art, Drama and optional sports league participation.

  11. My 3 children are in their 4th year as students at Edison. I have consistently been impressed with the staff at Edison. They are dedicated to teaching and committed to the individual students in their classrooms. The teachers are very willing to meet and go the extra mile with a parent who needs additional information about their child or for a child who needs extra attention. During this 2010-2011 school year, the school has brought on additional staff to help with activities at recess and in the after school program. My kids are very happy at Edison and I am grateful to the staff and teachers. Thank you Edison!