Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Try out the new SF K Files forum

As you know, the SF K Files is working on launching a new Community site. The highlight of this new site is a forum where readers can start their own discussions. Please take the time to visit the new site and try out the forum. I'm specifically interested in getting people to respond to the Forum thread asking readers for feedback on the new site. We want to make changes to the site over the summer as the goal is to have the Community up and running by fall when the next round of school tours starts.

The URL for the new Community is community.thesfkfiles.com. The password is pan*cake.



  1. Is this site going away when you launch the new one? Don't you have to log into the new one? Fewer people will post if they have to log in. I remember when you tried that here, radio silence. What I don't want to see is both sites still up and running and people posting to both of them. Then I'd have to look in both places for info. I've got several kids, a bad K assignment, so I'll be here next year too. And probably the next after that, sigh. . .

  2. Yeah, I have the same questions as 7:30. It's a little confusing.

  3. I've tried several times to access the page, but nothing happens when I press the "sign in" key. Oh, well...maybe I will finally be able to wean myself from my addiction to this site! :-)

  4. Stackism really is difficult.