Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot topic: Open enrollment

This from a reader:
Open enrollment for SFUSD is on June 1. Could you start a hot topic on open enrollment? I'd love to get advice about time to arrive at the EPC and procedures for the process. I'd also love to hear stories from others who went to open enrollment last year or the year before.


  1. I went last year. I was on line at about 5am, and was maybe 12th. The line leaders had gone at like 1 or 2am, with sleeping bags. Once they opened, I was out in about 1/2 hour.

    Do your research ahead of time on what schools might be likely to have spots, and what you'd take. You have to make a decision on the spot. Look at the latest waitpool stats, and last year's. The only schools with spots in open enrollment will be ones that have no waitlist.

    There won't be spots in great schools (because those will already have waitlists), but if you've already got a completely unacceptable assignment, look for those schools that don't have waitlists, but are at least SAFE and not completely horrible.

    I went in with an OK round 2 assignment, and really only went to Open Enrollment to try to get a spot at Glen Park, which had added a 3rd K class after Round 1, so I figured there'd be a likelihood of there being a spot. But I was out of luck, those new spots went to the waitpool first.

    Good luck!

  2. Original poster here

    12:04pm: Do they post a list with available spots so that everyone knows which schools are open or do you ask for a particular school?

  3. I went last year and got there at 8 o,clock. Waited about two hours. I was hoping for Glen Park and was told there was an opening but when we tried to grab it, it was gone. I had assumed someone else had just beat me out... but I now know from the previous post that probably wasn't the case (I had been kicking myself for not getting there earlier!). Schools I asked about that were not available....Jose GE, J. Serra, Paul Revere. Pretty much the only thing available was the schools Nobody wants. Sheridan was available but that was our assiogned school.

    Good Luck

  4. 12:04 and 2:12

    Where did you end up? Did you stay with your assigned school / R2 school? How are things going?

    Thank you!

  5. I am confused as Round 3 letters get sent out on May 28th. If open enrollment begins on June 1st, how will EPC have an accurate headcount on open schools, as Round 3 parents will have until June 4th to register at their newly assigned schools...and some may have already decided to move out of the city or go private.

  6. I'm confused. Aren't the waiting pools dissolved on June 1st, and open enrollment begins?

  7. Sfmom here again.. we ended up staying at our preK school for kinder and got into Miraloma 1st grade in round 2/waitlist this year. I'm still pinching my self.

    To other posts: any offers sent out at the end of May will be not be available at open enrollment. Most of those will be off waitlists so when the family doesn't register, the space will be offered in the next run.

    They are not dissolving the waitlist until Sept. Though you will have to confirm you statuis in July.

  8. Open Enrollment is for schools with no waitpools. This can be a way to get a spot while you continue to hope for one that you want more, through the waitpools. Waitpools will continue to be run throughout the summer. You do have to indicate that you want to stay in them, however.

    Please see and click on Enrollment for more information and specific dates.

  9. from the SFUSD website: waiting pools dissolve in August:

    "Once a family submits its waiting pool request, the child will stay in that waiting
    pool and will participate in all waiting pool runs until one of the following occurs:

    • The family receives their waiting pool request, or
    • The family requests that we remove the child from the waiting pool, or
    • The family does not reactivate the waiting pool request in Summer 2010, or
    • The waiting pools are dissolved at the end of August 2010.

    Students remain in waiting pools even if they get assigned to one of the schools they listed on their amended application form.

    Families who submit waiting pool request forms by March 26, 2010 will participate in the April waiting pool run.

    In the Summer of 2010, parents of students in waiting pools will be notified and will be required to reactivate their waiting pool request to participate in wait pool runs conducted in August.

    The Educational Placement Center will continue to assess openings in each classroom at each school. If there are any openings, students in the waiting pool will be assigned. This process continues throughout August until all openings are filled or the waiting pools have been exhausted.
    After the August waiting pool run, the waiting pool process will be considered finished and the waiting pools will be dissolved. For the remainder of the school year, no transfers within SFUSD schools will be allowed except for cases of change of address, disciplinary action or safety concerns."

  10. 12:04 here.

    We didn't take anything from open enrollment, we already had an OK R2 assignment, but it was far from us, so we were hoping for something closer and not too popular like Glen Park.

    So we started at our R2 school, and on the first Friday got our waitpool - Alvarado GE. Very stressful summer, glad we don't have to go through this again for our younger one next year.

    I was checking in with the EPC all summer long, especially the couple of weeks before school started. There was not much, if any, waitpool movement at Alvarado or a couple others I was keeping tabs on like McKinley, over the summer. It doesn't really happen until school starts in August and they actually see who comes in. Then the waitpool floodgates (relatively) open.

    In our class at Alvarado, there were at least 8 kids that came in off the waitpool throughout September, even after the waitpools were supposedly dissolved. The EPC did a good job of filling openings whenever kids moved out of our class for whatever reason (or some to the immersion track).

    Back to Open Enrollment... they do not post a list of openings - since it will change minute by minute. Do your research ahead of time - look at the latest waitlists, and compare it with the full school list, to see what schools don't have a waitlist.

    Reevaluate your reasons for not choosing whatever those schools are, especially if there are any near you. You may even be able to visit for a tour NOW before this school year ends, and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you see first-hand versus what you've read about on the internet. We were with Glen Park - we had dismissed it as a R1 or even R2 pick based on reputation, though it would have been reasonably close to us. After seeing it in person we were kicking ourselves that we didn't at least include it in R2, as we probably would have gotten it and it would have been better for us than our R2 assignment.

  11. We got the surprise of our lives at the EPC early in the morning of Open Enrollment when we were offered a school we had not thought was a possibility (but which was a good school!), and had to make a decision on the spot. We chose the school we had intended to register at (the one with no waitpool), then kicked ourselves for much of the rest of the year. We finally got our neighborhood school the summer before 1st grade.

    Definitely do your homework and come up with various scenarios before you go! And keep your partner/spouse on cellphone alert!

    We got there early but not too early (7:00am) two years ago and waited about an hour and a half.

  12. 12:04

    How is it that some students moved from Alvarado GE to the immersion track?!? That kind of internal transfer sounds like it's against the rules. I don't care if the kids are Spanish-dominant. There were plenty of kids waiting in the waitpools for Alvarado who were spanish-dominant, my child being one of them.

    I keep hearing, in other threads too, that this happened at Alvarado last year. I would like some clarification from PPS or the EPC as to the legality of this. If they were calling English-dominant kids long after the wait pools dissolved, then they can call the Spanish-dominant kids as well.

  13. 8:18 - It's totally bogus. I was inflamed about this as well. All placements are supposed to happen through EPC but what happened at alvarado last year was in flagrant violation of the published process. From what I understand, an english dominant student was having trouble with the immersion track and this child's family wanted her to move to GE. So they found a spanish dominant child in the GE program to "swap". This was after the waitpools were dissolved. I was so upset when I heard this. The rules are in place for a reason. If you are making exceptions here and there, how is anyone supposed to have faith in the system.

    How many families would have loved to have a shot at that spot? Sheesh - if you are going to allow transfers or exceptions, at least have some sort of lottery. Totally unfair.

  14. Here are schools that do not have wait lists, so might have space in Open Enrollment:

    Willie Brown
    Cesar Chavez
    Glen Park*
    Bret Hart
    Francis Scott Key*
    Malcom X
    Harvey Milk*
    John Muir
    New Traditions*
    Jose Ortega*
    Jean Parker*
    Rosa Parks*
    SF Community*
    Junipero Serra*
    Spring Valley*
    Tenderloin Community
    Yick Woo*

    There are actually several not bad options here. I out stars next to some. I would then find out which are near you or your commute path, check out API scores, visit school web sites, find out about after school care if you need it, do a drive by, call PPS or even try and tour. Rank a list for yourself so you go in prepared.

    The other thing to be prepared for, is like someone else posted, being offered something you hadn't thought would be available that could be a better option. You could also look at schools with very small waitpools, on the off chance a spot opens, you could have thought thru if you want it.

    Schools with very small waitpools, less than 3:

    Carmichael GE
    Flynn SN
    Lafayette GE
    Lau CB
    Marshall SN
    Moscone GE
    Moscone SB
    Starr King CE
    Vis Valley CB
    Yehall Chin CB

    Good luck.

  15. why assume an "internal transfer"? there must be plenty of people enrolled in GE while waitlisted for immersion at any school that has both...

  16. I was wondering if anyone has experience with "open enrollment" for upper grade slots. We've got a situation where one of our kids got into a public school but the other did not. The second kid is on the waiting list for that school. We had been thinking that we could live with each of them at different public schools, but now our situation has changed (well, commute patterns have changed) and we really need them to be at the same school. Does open enrollment have a lot of upper grade slots available at lots of different schools, or is the upper grade situation pretty much what posters said about the situation for K -- generally there are only slots for the really bad schools?

  17. I have a new thread suggestion. Computers in the classroom. I would like to understand what children are taught to do during computer lab instruction.

  18. 9:51, did you just move here? Or just pull out of private? Just wondering how this happens. Or were you at a publich that is not acceptable for next year?

    I'm sure the uppper grades are a crap shoot. Just do your homework before. Bring the school map with you.

  19. 9:51 again -- It is all complicated. We are switching out of a public school that just has not worked for us. We were going to wait to see if the younger one would get in off the wait list for the new public school that the older one is now assigned to, and, if not, we were going to live with having them at different schools. Things have changed, and we are really nervous that the one on the wait list won't get in to the new school over the summer. We were thinking that open enrollment might be a time to get BOTH of them into the SAME school. (As I'm writing this, I'm wondering whether the school district would even allow us to switch out the eldest at this point into another school with slots for both kids.) Anyway, I take it that there's just no way to know -- we should show up, see what schools have slots in both grades we are looking for, and then see if we could live with that school.

  20. 9:07 - just wondering if you were for the EPC as I'm curious where this info came from. Whatever the case though, thanks for posting :)

  21. @9:34

    I am fairly confident in assuming that the English proficient child in the Alvarado SI class was there because her parents listed it first and felt they had won the lottery. You don't get randomly assigned to an SI program as an English speaker. The fact that she wasn't adjusting to it was mentioned by another poster. For that kid to be able to do an internal transfer, was clearly against the rules.

    I will grant you that maybe the Spanish proficient kid was on a waitlist--but come on! Either way the manner in which the "swap" was conducted is highly suspect.

    Furthermore, I hope Alvarado and the EPC don't attempt to do something like this, this year. You can't just shift a whole bunch of Spanish-speakers over to the immersion track to free up GE spaces for squeaky-wheel parents that are haranguing the school and the EPC. That kind of move will get out and could provoke a lawsuit much like Lau v. Nichols.

  22. 9:07 Just wondering where this info came from. Was this based on the last waitpool list that came out or some other source? Thanks for posting!

  23. 9:07 Just wondering where this info came from. Was this based on the last waitpool list that came out or some other source? Thanks for posting!

  24. Nice list, 9:07.

    I would go farther and say both Francis Scott Key and Sutro are not simply "not bad" but actively good palces to be, as long as you're OK with the heavily Asian-American demographic.

    Also, we were pleasantly surprised by Longfellow when we checked it out last year. I would seriously considered sending my kid there if it were more convenient for us.

  25. I think the 9:07 list is schools without wait lists. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they have openings either. If there is a school on that list that you are definitely interested in.. either call the school or go to the EPC and ask if there are openings.

    As for the Alvarado swap story, it really seems like there is a lot of conjecture there. If it really happened, then there should be an investigation (a la 7 on your side). You can't really get hung up in what someone says happened to someone else.

    For the parents with the upper grade school student and waitlisted younger.. again go ask EPC or call the school. I do believe that there is a lot of openings this year because people are leaving the city. The principle at Monroe told me that quite a few students left the school during the year. But really, you have sibling priority on the waitlist, correct? I would think you could get in. Is your new school listed here with Zero movement from last year?

  26. I'm 9:07 and thank goodness I do not work for EPC. I looked at my SFUSD map that lists all elementary schools and then I looked at my print out of April 30 waitpools. EPC will publish a new waitpool list this Friday, May 28. So be sure and look there and check if there are any changes.
    I would also ask about the Public Montesorri Program. It might have openings.

    We have an ok assignment for K next year, but I'm thinking about Open Enrollment as a chance to trade up on that assignment while still staying in the waitpool for our neighborhood school.

  27. Thanks, 1:13. I'm the person with upper grade kids -- we do have sibling priority, and I know that's big, but there has to be an opening in that grade. None of the historical charts show movement on the wait lists in the upper grades -- it is all K. I was thinking that I might get in on this next run (May 28th), and so I was going to wait to see what I got then, but I'm wondering whether I'll get the letter from SFUSD before June 1st. Monday is a holiday and so, if, as happened the last time, the letters get delayed going out on Friday, I won't get the news until too late for open enrollment purposes. And I hate to add a further complicator for upper grade folks, but I understand that interdistrict transfer applicants (folks from outside SF) are going to get notices in early June. I'm worried that, if I don't act on June 1st, openings in upper grades at schools might get snatched up.

  28. FYI - Surrounding alvarado - Here is an exchange in the comments section of Rachel Norton's blog

  29. Thanks for the confirmation, 3:14.

  30. Re: Upper Grades with Open Spots - What year are you looking for?

    My kid is headed into First Grade at Glen Park (again - I'd encourage people to come and check us out - we've had a great year). There will probably be first grade openings as there are a few kids who will be repeating K (I imagine we aren't the only school in the district that does that) and there are two families who are transferring to the older siblings' private school (the kids didn't make the cutoff last year) - again it's something that I imagine is not unique to our school.

    People do move around - I forget how mobile the city is.

  31. According to the SF Public Montessori (formerly known as Cobb Montessori) website, there are openings for K, and Grades 1 and 2. EPC is not handling the admission process for this school, so contact SF Public Montessori directly.

    Good luck everyone!

  32. I don't want to single out any particular school for criticism, but I have to ask this question: what is the issue with Harvey Milk? I see mentions above about how Harvey Milk likely has openings. It is obviously very centrally located. Yet all the chatter in the Castro is about McKinley, not Milk. Months ago there was one comment from a special ed parent on this blog about how the school's special ed program is not great, but otherwise I really haven't heard anything about the school, positive or negative. I tried searching on this site for people's reaction to the school and didn't come up with anything. So, does anyone know what is up with the school?

  33. I looked at Harvey Milk two years ago and it seemed like a lovely school, it definitely made our list but we ended up somewhere else. I have a friend there with multiple kids who is very happy. They seemed to have some fantastic stuff going on in the classroom.

  34. I just posted but thought I might want to add one thing. Part of the reason you may hear more about McKinley than Milk is that I think McKinley has marketed itself more to the middle class parent community than Milk has. Milk was consciously trying to maintain enrollment in communities that might get pushed out if the school became more popular. That was under the old principal so things could have changed.

  35. Historically the Milk community puts a lot of emphasis on equity and social justice, so I believe the above comment is correct. They do very intentional work on community-building. From my occasional (about 1-2x year) contact with it, it's got a wonderful community of parents, very dedicated and loyal and kind. I'd send my kid there in a heartbeat.

  36. Sfmom here again... from last year at open enrollment... they did not post the new waitlist until later that morning. They did give me a hardcopy when I finally got up to the counter but there was no internet access in the builing (it was down).. maybe 3G will work.

    Hopefully they'll have their act together this year...but if the delay of posting the letters this year, don't count on it.

    Also from last year, someone with a space at a full school but no waitlist may switch schools (example, the family decides longfellow won't work for them so they switch to montessori). and sop that space opens up later in the day. But that's a if this entire process isn't.

    Good luck

  37. Sfmom here again... from last year at open enrollment... they did not post the new waitlist until later that morning. They did give me a hardcopy when I finally got up to the counter but there was no internet access in the builing (it was down).. maybe 3G will work.

    Hopefully they'll have their act together this year...but if the delay of posting the letters this year, don't count on it.

    Also from last year, someone with a space at a full school but no waitlist may switch schools (example, the family decides longfellow won't work for them so they switch to montessori). and sop that space opens up later in the day. But that's a if this entire process isn't.

    Good luck

  38. 4:49,

    We chose McKinley because of the very active PTA and the heavy parental involvement. Then we meet Principal Fong and her vision for the school and that sealed the deal. Our child loves McKinley. It offers a great deal of diversity and culture. There are families there that really care and are very involved with the school. There never seems a lack of volunteers and the kids go on a ton of field trips, at least in Kindergarten.

    We also love the after care language program that many families along with Principal Fong created last year. It really is a great program for parents that wanted immersion but couldn't get in.

    In addition, the regular after care goes until 6:00 which is great for working families. The regular after care also takes the children on a ton of field trips every Friday but in alternating ages. The kids have a great time and get help with homework and can do other crafts along with playing with their friends. Both the programs are held on site at McKinley. So there is no worrying about buses or the like.

    The teachers at McKinley and the support staff are always helpful and knowledgeable. The learn the names of all the kids and many of the parents too; and Principal Fong is just wonderful! She is very involved with the kids and really takes time to reach out to them and nurture them.

    So with all that, McKinley has become very popular this year and I suspect will be ever more popular next year.

  39. McKinley has been on a climb up the charts for about 6-7 years now. A great school! It's funny though, because we could have walked in off the street the first day and registered the year my daughter started kinder. It was just not on anyone's list at that time. I suspect Junipero Serra will be like that in the future, also Glen Park.

  40. 9:15,

    I hadn't heard that it was popular for that long. Interesting.

    It is now a great school and the numbers are climbing and I think will get even better in the next several years.

    The school is also popular because the kindergarten kids and first grade kids are separated from the rest of the student body during recess and, I think, lunch too. That cuts down on older kids bullying the younger ones. The upper yard, which is for kindergarten and first, also has a new play structure.

    I also haven't heard much information from Milk. Then again, it wasn't on our radar last year and I think much of the popularity goes by word of mouth.

  41. I know EPC knows what schools have openings at this point and I know EPC is reading this, so can I ask whether EPC would consider putting on this string a list of schools with openings in K and the upper grades? I think it would really help.

  42. We have friends at Milk who really like the school, but not the late start time. It's hard for them to get to work and get the kids to school. They also live way across town and couldn't get in a school close to their house. So there is a big commute on top of the late start time. But other than that they are happy there.

  43. Yes, start time is definitely a family by family issue. I know families that wouldn't consider anything other than late-start schools (mostly those with flex-work or SAH parent), and those that couldn't do anything but early-start.

    Like most schools that get popular, McKinley's buzz started softly and grew. It was certainly getting buzz in my world 6 or 7 years ago (my older kid entered kinder 8 years ago), but I had my ear to the ground. It may not have hit the playground circuit until 3-4 years ago though. That's how it works, and why it is good to listen for the early buzz. That's why I have pushed my K-seeking friends to look at schools like Junipero Serra, Glen Park, Jose Ortega GE, and Daniel Webster instead of Alvarado and McKinley.

    Of course, all the lottery wisdom will have to change next year anyway with a new SAS.

    Re recess at McKinley, agree that's a nice feature. And I love their library commons. Most other schools that I know of also segregate the K-1s for lunch and recess, FYI. Often in order to fit them in the cafeteria, as well as to keep the level of play younger.

    As the mother of older elementary and middle school children, I have to say the issue isn't bullying so much as it is level of play, developmentally. My sports-driven younger kid just has the strength and speed to bowl over a younger child standing in the blind spot, but would feel really, really awful if that happened. Remember when we all thought 5- and 6-year-old kids were huge and monstrous compared to our toddlers? It is much the same idea.

  44. "Part of the reason you may hear more about McKinley than Milk is that I think McKinley has marketed itself more to the middle class parent community than Milk has."

    I don't think there's any issue of where McKinley has "marketed itself". Word about schools is mostly viral, and I don't think there's much rationality to what gets the playground buzz and what doesn't. A lot of strong schools are overlooked, and some of the trophies are overhyped.

    McKinley has slightly stronger test scores than Milk, but Milk has higher %ages of low-SES kids. They're both strong schools, and lucky are the families who get in to either of them.

  45. 12:25,

    I didn't know that about the segregation of the younger kids. Good to know for parents of new comers. I just remember when we were all put together in the same school yard (K-6).

    I heard the buzz about McKinley about 3 years ago. The timing is right.

    Yes, there are some up and coming schools and I think that is a great thing. Schools in S.F. have long been missing the middle class. Unfortunately for us, the loss of the lottery is a bad thing. So not sure what we are doing after McKinley.

  46. 1:03,

    What is SES?

  47. SES = socio-economic status

    often defined by a combination family income, parental education, qualification for various programs such as foster care, public housing, free lunch, CalWorks, and proficiency in English.

  48. How is SES gauged in the numbers set out by the SFUSD?

  49. 1:56--don't worry yet about middle and high school pathways. There is so much yet to unfold for you there. Who knows where McKinley will feed into for middle school? And how the feeder school concept will change the middle schools. And it seems that for now the high schools will remain citywide lottery-except for SOTA and Lowell, which you test into anyway. I think you'll be okay....

    Have a great year at McKinley! What a lovely school it is.

  50. 3:16,

    Champion worry wart here! Can't help it. Luckily, SFUSD has 5 years to change!

  51. ^ 6 years, actually, counting kindergarten, although I guess you'll start to worry in 5th grade. Hopefully you'll know and like your pathway though.

  52. 8:27,

    My kid is almost done with K. Hence the 5 years.

  53. ahh, of course :-)

    it will all start to speed up and fly by now....

  54. I almost cry now thinking about my 17 year old graduation and heading off to college, in 12 years! I wish I could do as Bill Cosby said and shellac them.

  55. Just went to EPC (it's Friday May 28).

    Harvey Milk will have no open spots in open enrollment - they now have a waitlist.

    Lakeshore and Rosa Parks Japanese also will not be open.

    The list won't be published today, but if you go in now you can ask about specific schools and save yourself a hellish early morning.

  56. Anyone hear about Junipero Serra or Glen Park having openings for Open Enrollment?


  57. 9:58 am -- when you say that Harvey Milk has no open spots, does that mean only K or does it also mean the upper grades? Any information you might have heard on the upper grade situation would be appreciated. Thanks!

  58. 9:58am

    I went in yesterday and they would not tell me which schools had open spots for open enrollment. Are you saying they will tell you about any school? Should I ask for a particular counselor? Did you have to speak to the director to get the information? Thanks!

  59. I don't see the WP results yet online. Supposed to happen today according to the calendar.

  60. Called EPC just now. They will post the WP list next week. She said highly unlikely today.

    But, they'll tell you about any school in terms of if there is a WP or not, and even give the numbers. If there is a WP, then they will not be giving any spots away June 1st for open enrollment. This could save you a trip June 1st.

    Strange...they'll give you the info over the phone or in person but won't post it...maybe they need more time for verification.

  61. 11:30 am -- I don't get this. I called half an hour ago and was told that they would not give out which schools had openings in which grades and that I'd have to come in Tuesday for that information. Maybe the distinction they are making is that they'll tell you over the phone whether there's a wait list for a particular school for a particular grade, but NOT if there's actually an opening?

  62. Is anyone else as angry as I am that they are not posting the wait pool list today? This is ridiculous! I left a message to have them call me back but I'm afraid they won't get to me today. I'll probably just end up going down there (again)!

  63. 1. Except for once, EPC has always called me back soon after my message.

    2. Yes, they are only telling you if the school has a WP (and how many in it) or not. They will NOT confirm if there is an open space until June 1st. Just because no WP, doesn't mean there is a space. But I think it does tell you that if there is a WP, they will not give you a spot on June 1st. So only go early in the morning if you want a school that currently does not have a WP. Even then, no guarantees.

  64. Does anyone know if letters will be mailed today? If anyone goes down there - Can you ask?

  65. When I went yesterday, they told me that letters will be mailed today.

  66. Thanks 12:10 - And I believe you get a letter only if you get a placement right?

  67. 12:25 - I got a letter after the previous round saying that my daughter did not get a K assignment (still w/o a school currently) if that's consistent, you get a letter no matter what.

  68. 12:10pm here:

    I think they said yesterday that you only get a letter if you get into your wait pool school.

  69. Going forward you only get a letter if you get placed. That's what our letter after Round II said.

  70. 12:41 I guess that will save some postage cost :P But to be left hanging...whether your mail is slow or you wouldn't get a letter...over the three day weekend...the agony...

  71. There has to be movement in the round for no other reason that they are releasing the target language spots at the chinese immersion school. How many spots will be released - does anyone know? For the spanish schools, they say that they hold 13 of 22 seats for spanish native speakers. Is this the same for the chinese programs?

    If that is the case, then I would imagine that quite a few people would get assigned off the CIS waitlist. As of April 30 - there was 27 people on the CIS waitlist.

    If you get a letter - please post (at least we will know that they got the letters to the post office on time)

  72. They are very helpful if you come in with a specific list of questions and are calm.

    The counselor this morning found all data I asked for (except whether I got my waitpool this round, which they won't tell you).

    Here is the data I got (which is basically no spots):

    K: Harvey Milk, Lakeshore, Rose Parks Japanese will not be available in open enrollment. Rosa Parks had some GE spots (I think - didn't care so didn't write it down).

    First grade: NO SPOTS in Milk, Lakeshore, Rosa Parks but no waitlists. No spots and waitlists at Grattan, Alvarado, McKinley (of course).

    Bascially left with big zeros - no spots anywhere we were interested in. And waitlists and Milk and Lakeshore have grown.

  73. I just returned from the EPC. I confirmed that the new wait pools will be posted on Tuesday, June 1. Also, I confirmed that you only get a letter this time if you got into your wait pool school. The next wait pool results will be posted on June 30 and the last date to make wait pool changes will be June 11.

  74. I just returned from the EPC. I confirmed that the new wait pools will not be posted until Tuesday, June 1. I also confirmed that they only send you a letter if you got into your wait pool school. The next wait pool run will be on June 30. You have until June 11 to change your wait pool school.

  75. Thanks for answering a couple of the questions, Lisa!

  76. EPC continues to be incompetent. Between late letters for Round II, inability to post WP today as scheduled, and apparently telling different people different information (I was told I'd get a letter EITHER WAY this WP round!!!).

  77. OK, wait. If people did not get a letter Saturday, and there is no mail Sunday or Monday, and the mail delivery isn't gonna happen before 9 AM on Tuesday, that means everyone who is 0/14 has to go to open enrollment early-early on Tuesday morning without knowing about their waitpool school, no?

    That is insane.

  78. To the parent who asked about CIS - releasing native speaking spots to English speakers on May 28...

    A friend of mine talked to EPC and they said that was the intent. However, it seems that they do not need to do that now because they found enough native speakers to fill the vacancies. It was probably Cantonese speakers who decided CIS was better than their round 2 assignments.

    I wonder if the next round will have a waitlist for native speakers.

  79. 6:32 am -- exactly my situation. I am struggling. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm going to get a letter saying I got into my waitpool school on Tuesday --- but by then (3 pm in my neighborhood) I'll have missed my chance to get into somewhere through open enrollment. Do I have to do this early morning crazy drill at open enrollment or not? I don't know what to do. I'm assuming that since some people have posted saying they got some kind of letter from SFUSD, I didn't get into my waitpool school after all, so I guess I'll see you all bright and early at SFUSD!

  80. Still no waitpools posted on SFUSD. Anybody been over there yet? I'd love to know what schools did have spots open. Please post school names if you know them. THX

  81. Just left EPC, got there @ 3am, was #10, 1 person ahead of me not for K, the rest for a coveted acceptable school...NO.
    Schools with openings: tenderloin, cobb, malcolm x, sheridan, etc. Same dismal list as before.
    Waitpools at all immersion programs, glen park, j serra. Even schools who have never had a waitpool do this year.
    The letter saying they will close your file is only applicable if you did not ever contact them and put in waitpool.
    Not good news but save yourself the trip.

  82. same experience as the last poster w/open enrollment. it's a big 'don't bother' (i arrived @ 4:30 am and was 12th in line ... glad i slept longer!) i'd hoped new traditions or harvey milk might have a spot but they now have waitpools as well. now going to look, bleary-eyed @ threads about private schools that might have openings.

  83. Sorry to hear open enrollment was a bust. Did you see anything about SFP Montesorri? I was going to go to try OE for a spot there. There is no WP info on that school posted by SFUSD. In the end I decided to keep the school we have instead of trying to trade up to SFPM, mostly for logistics. We are no where near Pac Heights.

  84. Sheridan is NOT dismal. Out of they way for many, and lacking in middle class buzz, maybe, but if you are really desperate, it is a fine place to do kinder, or to wait out the waitpools. Really! Do some research if you don't believe me....there are some very nice parents there doing good work. It's a functional place.

  85. Sheridan:

    API 832 for all students.

    (this beats *many* sought-after schools)

    API 830 for low SES
    API 842 for ELLs

    Rank of 7
    Rank of 10 when compared to similar schools

    2nd graders scored 81% and 84% on CSTs (which is amazing btw)

    Sheridan has a real auditorium (not a combo with the cafeteria), a computer lab, a beautiful library, and great classrooms. And a highly functional staff. And an afterschool program (YMCA).

    The main problem for scared middle class parents is the neighborhood. It's out of the way (unless you are traveling the 280 or work at State) and low-income. But if you talk with current parents, you'll hear that the kids are well-sheltered on campus.

    If you are really really in need of a spot at this point, even while waitpooling, this really is an option. Not in the same class as some others that get mentioned here as "no way" schools, with which I do not disagree btw.


    A nice piece Rachel Norton wrote about Sheridan with lots of info.

  87. I was in line this year and just wondering if the dad at the head of the line (who got there at 11:00pm) was able to get something he wanted for his kid. I think you read this blog...any luck Tuesday morning? I was just a few spots behind you...judging from what was available when I got to the counselor, my guess is that it was slim pickings for you also? Not sure if it's me or what...but it seems the "trends" this year may not be too similar than past people relying on trends from past years to be the same as this year over the next few months may want to rethink their strategy :(

  88. I agree, this year does not seem like years past. All this talk of 'oh it will work out', 'lots of waitpool movement' is from 2-3 years ago. I think there are more kids in the system this year.