Friday, May 14, 2010

Hot topic: Kittredge

This from a reader:
Can anyone share information / experience(s) regarding Kittredge?


  1. I have a son at Kittredge and we have had a great experience. I think what I appreciate most are the involved, easy-going parents and an extremely well-rounded curriculum. We have been very impressed with the academics...a bit traditional in approach, but the teachers are genuinely talented in every grade, and the student-to-teacher ratios (my son's class is 7:1)give them the flexibility to teach to each student's needs. We had some concern about the size and combined classrooms, but have found both to be priceless. The children work very well together and have ample opportunity for friendship and developing their social skills. They have P.E. every day, not to mention 2 other full recesses. Spanish, music (including performing arts), art, all 2-3 times a week. All in all, a very well-rounded program at a good price for private.

    I know they have great high school placement (possibly in part due to only 14 applying : ) We haven't hit the middle school years, so I can't comment on how the small class size is (socially) at that age.

    Easy, flexible aftercare. A lot of dual-working parents.

    Oh, and Pete Lavaroni, the head of school, is as nice as they come. The kids love him!

  2. We toured the school and thought the teachers were some of the best at any school we had seen. The kids seemed happy, well-adjusted and engaged. The only concern we had was the socialization in the middle school grades but the students in those grades put that concern to rest.

  3. Our neighbor's daughter didn't get into ANY private elementary school in San Francisco EXCEPT Kittredge. They enrolled grudgingly.

    They ended up having a phenomenal experience. Their daughter really blossomed and when it was time to apply to high schools, this girl was admitted to Lick-Wilmerding, University High School, and everywhere else she applied.

    Last I heard, she was trying to decide between Barnard, Vassar, and Middlebury for college.

    So... even though you don't think of Kittredge as a "status" school, their graduates can do quite well.

  4. Nice to hear such great things about this relatively affordable school. It's also reassuring to know that Kittredge is independently accredited and all the teachers hold credentials.

  5. My son went to Kittredge for middle school and also had a great experience. Perfect for the student that will benefit from a personal relationship with the teacher. Somehow in a smallish building, with lower tuition, Kittredge manages to do just about everything the larger private schools do. There are overnight trips each year, Spanish, sports teams, Algebra (for kids who are ready) and lots and lots of writing. The teachers take the time to check whether students are really doing the homework, which, for my son, made all the difference. Also lots of help in finding a high school. Probably too small a school for most kids to want to stay from PK to 8.

  6. 5:36 p.m. did you come from a public SF school, private or somewhere else to middle school at Kittredge?

  7. 5:23 pm - A very delayed reply to your question. My son had been in a language immersion program at a private school here in SF. Sometime in 6th grade that program began to be a bad fit for him. By the time I realized it was a problem in the spring I'd already paid 7th grade tuition, so I just hoped for the best. Being at Kittredge for 8th grade really changed things for him - he actually did his homework, particpated in class and I think surprised even himself by becoming a good student.