Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Argonne Mayfair Carnival this Saturday, May 8th!

The families at Argonne Elementary School invite you to experience our annual Mayfair Carnival this Saturday from 10am-3pm! It’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Come play with us on this wonderful day and help support our public school. This event is open to the entire community, and, as always, admission is free and everyone is welcome!! There will be games, a dunk tank, a rock climbing wall, a photo booth, face painting, arts & crafts table, a bouncy house, a silent auction, a raffle, books and other goodies! Food will be available for purchase.

From “good eats” (gift certificates for popular restaurants) to “things you desire” (hotel packages for a weekend get-a-way), there's no better place to look for great gift items and excursions than our Mayfair silent auction! Here’s a sample of what we have:
• Strawberry 2010 music festival tickets
• Camp Mather: Complimentary tent site & meals for a family of 4
• San Francisco Giants: 4 club level seats + pre-game field visit
• 2010 Nike Women’s 1/2 or full marathon entry
• SF Fire Department Fireboat ride
• Timbuk2 classic messenger bag

RAFFLE PRIZES (tickets are $2 each):
• 1st Prize: $500 Cash
• 2nd Prize: Two Southwest Airline Tickets
• 3rd Prize: Apple iPod Nano 8GB 5th Generation

For more details check out:

Our school is located in the Richmond District on Cabrillo between 17th and 18th Avenue.


  1. I thought one was not allowed to "gift" a camp mather spot. could someone please clarify how this would work? We have always been told we had to have names and resident id match those on the registration letter. If you can give up or donate your Mather spot I would love to know. Thanks.

  2. I want to know that too! What week? (Also, a note on precision from a silent-auction veteran: It's not "complimentary" when the winning bidder is paying for it.)

    8:42, it's not that hard to switch around the personnel in your cabin or tent site, but handing the ENTIRE reservation over to another family probably wouldn't fly, and I can't imagine how you could donate an entire site to be bid on at a silent auction. But you can switch around family members and guests for a $15 change fee. We request a cabin or tent site large enough for two guests and give tentative names, since it's hard to pin people down on plans that early.

  3. The camp spot is probably donated by the camp, not a family.

  4. 9:35, no way is it donated by the Camp. That's a park and rec camp. Funded by tax payers. They can't donate a week to one elementary school and not to all the others in the city. I too would like to get the scoop on this.

  5. FYI the donation is for a tent site, not a cabin, donated by Rec & Park. It's not for a specific week - but rather on an as available basis.

  6. So does this mean that the buyer will receive a Mather week to be determined at the very last minute, so that buyer and his/her entire family need to have a completely flexible schedule? There are names on the Mather wait list for tent sites now for every week, including ours for a 4-person or 6-person tent site for Week 2 (#319 on the list).

    If Rec-Park has held out a site to donate to a school fundraiser, it seems unfair, unless they swear they're going to call every name on the waitlist for every week and only offer the site at the last minute, if none of those names accept.

    It's disruptive and disappointing, especially to kids, when that waitlist letter comes.

    I think Rec-Park needs to rethink offering these donations, unless they genuinely think it'll work to offer only a site that's unclaimed at the very last minute after everyone on the waitlist is called.

  7. Caveat emptor, I guess!