Wednesday, April 28, 2010

JCC Kindergarten night--May 5

Wed - May 05 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM JCC Kindergarten Night
JCCSF at 3200 California Street.

This event is targeted to preschool parents looking for kindergarten/elementary schools.

We have received several questions from parents about the new assignment system and if they even need to market their school or if parents need to tour schools anymore. The short answer is YES!

The new assignment system is not that different from the current system.

1. You still need to submit an application, even for your attendance area school.

2. You still should tour schools because you can list schools other than your attendance area school.
No one is guaranteed a space at their attendance area school. Plus, in areas that have more applicants than space available it will be important to have the option of being assigned to a school ofyour choice rather than have the choice made for you.

The main differences in the new system are that

1) there will be a stronger attendance area preference;

2) in order to help diversity, schools preference is based on address (those who live in CTIP 1 areas will have preference), rather than basing preference on a Diversity Index;

A good opportunity to market your school is at the upcoming JCC Kindergarten Night on Wednesday, May 5th, from 6-8pm. This event will be focused on preschool parents who will be applying for elementary school in the fall. The Educational Placement Center (EPC) and Parents for Public Schools will be at the event to talk with parents about the new assignment system, but it is important for parents to be able to connect with parents from our many great schools so they can see what your school has to offer.

Please submit this form by April 30thto reserve a space for your school at the JCC Kindergarten Night.

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