Friday, March 12, 2010

Jose Ortega: The movie

Some fabulously talented parents at my daughter's school, Jose Ortega, helped put together this video with Gopher Hole Productions. Enjoy!

Also, check out our school's freshly designed Web site:


  1. Terrific! What an inspiring and confidence-inducing film. Congrats to Jose Ortega for getting this done.

  2. Really great video! All schools should do this before tours, it would really be more effective than the touring!

  3. I agree. It shows the life and the passion, which tours really don't do. At some point, all tours are the same (with the same parents asking the same questions too). Yes, it's a marketing tool, and we can all assume it's best foot forward. But done well, like this, it will give a sense of the people. I hope more schools do this.

    What a sweet picture y'all painted of Jose Ortega! I especially loved seeing the art in the background. Btw, Aiko Cuneo (the art teacher) totally rocks. She was one of the art teachers at Alvarado some years ago and helped to build that art program. She is a daughter of sculptor Ruth Asawa.

    I hope more people will consider Jose Ortega as a Round 2 school now, if they go 0/7.

  4. Dear Jose Ortega--cool movie. I really wanted to come to your school, but SFUSD didn't see it that way. okthxbye

  5. 9:36

    the chances for Jose Ortega are probably not so bad in the waitpools and round 2. For GE because it is not that oversubbed (yet) and for MI because of how they open up spots for english speakers. So don't give up yet.

    So heartening to see that Jose Ortega has moved into the ranks of popular schools though.

  6. My mom is a kindergarten teacher at Jose Ortega. What a lovely movie! She loves the kids and the school so much, I am so happy to see the school being put in a light that it should be! We live in Pacifica or my kids would, for sure, be going to Jose Ortega with their grandma! Enjoy the school - and know that the teachers there love your kids and really want them to do well!