Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot topic: Round II advice

This from a reader:
You've probably already gotten this request, but can you start a thread on Round II? I've been using the thread from last year, but it would be really helpful to start one for this year. I am especially interested in how the dynamics may be different if spots open up due to class size increases.


  1. One question related to Round 2. How does submitting a family hardship appeal relative to the round 1 assignment in addition to a round 2 amended list and waitpool play into round 2? Is the appeal considered in the context of the person's waitpool or round 2 assignment? Or is it considered in some other way?

  2. I am not sure if anyone knows when decisions for class size increases will be made. If those decisions are made before the 1st waitpool run, then there could be a lot of placements in round II.

    As others have stated - round II is a good time to "upgrade" your assignment, while still holding out for your #1 choice via your waitlist school.

  3. Here is how I will be filling out my round II form

    waitlist: #1 choice

    round II: "safe" schools that might have openings but also schools that filled in round I but might have a small waitlist in round II (i.e., sunnyside, glen park). My reasoning is that if they do increase the class sizes, it is possible that a small waitlist school might go through it's entire waitlist and I might get a spot in round II.

    Thoughts on this strategy?

  4. 7:43, I like your strategy. It's a good 0/7 one. I went 1/7. Here is mine.

    Waitpool = 1st choice school, we really want

    Round II = the schools I had on my list in spots 2-5 for Round I.

    Probably not a chance of getting any of them. We were assigned our 6th choice. A solid, safety school. I'm glad we have it, but am sad we are in the lower co-hort for waitpool and won't get one of our higher choices.

    Also, the guy at EPC told me, there is no point in putting your waitpool school at the top of the Round II list. He said when they run Round I, they use your waitpool school as your No. 1 choice then the Round II schools after that. Then he explained that after Round II those choices go away and only your waitpool school stays.

    Good luck everybody!

  5. good news you got your waitpool choice. bad news you're in a size 30 K/1 combo...?

  6. "Also, the guy at EPC told me, there is no point in putting your waitpool school at the top of the Round II list."

    It's worth a try given all the apparent mistak-- er, anomalies we've seen in the process.

  7. Do you put your waitlist school also on your R2 application as one of the 7? I envision something like this, they run the waitpools and we don't get picked. In the meantime, a couple of kids drop out of the school or they add the extra spaces, they then run R2 and walla...you did not list your waitpool school as #1 on R2 and you miss out. Am I way off base?

  8. 9:24, this is exactly what I was thinking so you are not off base. This is why I asked EPC when I dropped off my form. He said they use your waitpool school as your #1 choice when they run it through Round II. He seemed to know what he was talking about, but I agree with 9:08, there seems to be sa lot of mis-information out there. Maybe Vicky from PPS is reading this and will comment.

  9. Is anyone going to the counseling sessions on Thursday and Saturday. Are they helpful?

  10. There are alot of people waiting to talk to counselors at ETC all this week and some already turn in their form (for waitpool and round II selections). But I heard from one preschool teacher you don't have priority if you turn in your form earlier as long as by 3/26 for waitpool and round II. Is this true?

  11. Yes - Vicki at PPS confirmed for me that there is no priority in getting waitpool adn round 2 lists in early. everyone will be treated as having submitting them on time if done so by March 26.

  12. This is a little off-topic.

    First its regards to 1st grade. Second immersion.

    Is giong into immersion in 1st grade with little language exposure a bad idea?

    Can someone point me toward a resource to look into this.

    We were assigned Monroe GE. I love the school, the teachers, lots of stuff and I'd never heard of it before. Now I'm thinking wouldn't it be better for my son to be in SN. Two classes (vs only one for GE). He'll learn fluent spanish, though I won't be able to help him with homework.

    (Yes I'm aware that the budget cuts are hitting Monroe HARD, but I'm not sure any school is immune to that)

    I could send him to De Colores, the immersion spanish daycamp. Would that help him?

    I feel like I'm making all the wrong decisions here.

  13. 12:35 - You are not making all of the wrong decisions. Please don't be hard on yourself.

    Monroe is a great school. You got a wonderful spot. I say waitlist SN. They allow the transfers because they don't believe it will be too difficult on the child. If it happens great - give it a shot! If not, then you have a great GE spot.

  14. I know 4-5 families who have started Chinese immersion in first grade and their kids seem to be doing fine. At least one of the families did send the child to an immersion day camp the summer before first grade but I don't believe the others did.

  15. Does anyone have any advice for twins in round 2? I don't see twins mentioned much on this blog. We went 0/7 twice I guess in the first round and I put all the same schools for both girls. Now I'm wishing I had put fourteen different schools since once one gets in the other twin is considered a sibling in the waitpool. Information I didn't have until just a few days ago. Now I'm not sure how to proceed with waitpools and round 2. Any advice would be great!

  16. We are 0/7 on first round for K school. Bilingual family - child tested fluent on both english and foreign language assessment test (so this is consider to be qualify as both catergory I understand from a counselor at ETC). The information on SFUSD suggested to apply for school that have openings. Looking at the current list - not many schools that we would even consider. Is it waste of time to list schools from round 1?? what are the chances of getting into one of the school from round 1ist in the 2nd round?? I would like to hear experience from anybody that would like to share.

  17. Does anyone know if all the spaces reserved for native speakers are released in round 2. I had heard during one school tour that they weren't, that some places were still saved in hopes of still filling them with native speakers. does anyone know? Thanks

  18. Paul Revere Mom - My child was placed at Paul Revere. It was on our list. The news a couple weeks back placing it on the list of underperforming schools requiring immediate action has me considering Round 2 - Does anyone know if it's possible to go Round 2 after being placed in a school on the list?

  19. @2:42 --
    If you were looking for an immersion school in Round 1, certainly put it on your form because last year the EPC released spots in Round 2 that they had been holding for native speakers. You can try for a trophy school in Round 2, but know that most of the movement there happens after the school year starts when the families who opted to go private or parochial don't show up.

    @4:37 --
    Last year the Round 1 spots for native speakers were released in Round 2.

    @6:28 --
    Yes, you can still participate in the waitpool and Round 2 if you got one of your choices in Round 1. You will have priority behind hardship appeals, siblings, and those who went 0/7, but you still can get a better spot. It happened to me.

  20. Don't get discouraged! Our family toured at least 14 elementary schools and was down at the EPC almost 2x per month. We got 0/7 all the way through until getting our letter a week before school started. Against all odds, we got our first choice school. There is A LOT of movement during the first month of school (even after our son started, kids left and came). My advice is to be patient and hang tight. Keep your #1 school as your top choice ALWAYS and the other six schools you can play with the order.

    Good luck to you all!

  21. 6.28: Please don't give up on Revere just yet - we, a large group of Revere parents, are fighting tooth and nail to get recognized for what we are: a great school that has only begun its transformation, under incredibly powerful leadership, and is generally recognized to be on the absolutely right track (ask the SF Board of Education!).
    If you visit the round II counseling session, tonight at John Muir, or on Saturday, you'll get the answer to your question on round II eligibility (I have it in my papers, but can't get to it right now) - and also get the opportunity to talk to us about why we think you should stick with Revere. Either way: good luck, and much wisdom.

  22. I'm really curious for folks who switched during the first week of school, or even well into the school year (or 1st grade), how did you discuss it with your child? Did they resent or resist switching schools?

  23. 10:34:
    My son started at our waitpool school on Friday of the first week of school. (My son started the week at a school we received in Round 2.)

    Honestly, it was extremely difficult. As much as we loved our Round 2 school, it became obvious after we started that it was not going to work logistically for us (horrendous commute and no available after-school programs).

    My son was confused and bewildered to have to change schools. He loved his teacher and had already made friends. I felt terrible tearing him away from the familiarity.

    Coming in mid-week at the new school without an orientation was tough on him, too, and it took him a while to feel comfortable.

    I was a nervous wreck seeing my son so upset but not being able to do anything about it.

    I tried to be jovial about him going to a new school that would work much better for our family, that he'd get to meet new friends, that he was lucky that he got to go to another school at first, etc. I also told him why he couldn't go back to his old school (yes, he tearfully asked during those first couple days at drop-off).

    It was a confusing and emotional time.

    We LOVE our current school. I hate to say "it all worked out for the best" because I'm still bitter about the emotional turmoil we had to endure... but we are much better off in the new school. It is a perfect fit and we feel so lucky to have gotten in off the waitlist. I just wish it could have happened before school started!

    To clarify: We would have had to pull him out of the first school, anyway, whether or not we got our waitlist school because we couldn't sustain the commute or the juggled work hours to accommodate a lack of after-school care. I'm relieved we had a great school to transfer to! Otherwise, we would have sent him to a private school he was accepted into. The commute would have also been horrendous but at least we had after-school care.

  24. Last year we got our waitpool school on the first Friday of the school year.

    When I picked up my son from his R2 school (OK, but difficult location & time for us) I told him that this was his last day at this school, and on Monday he would go to the school in our neighborhood. I think he was enjoying his R2 school, and the afterschool program, but he was excited about the news.

    He ran over to the afterschool staff, told them, said goodbyes and gave them hugs. We stopped in and told the principal the news too. She said she thought that his teacher was still on site (it was 5:00pm), so we went to his classroom and told her in person too. I figured I'd rather talk to her in person, explaining the switch wasn't personal, it was logistical and would be better for us in the long run, though of course I didn't mention that our new school is also in the better tier of schools. He also gave her hugs & sweet goodbyes, and was able to pick up his projects that were still there.

    He started his new school on Monday fine.

    I was SHOCKED at how much movement there was. This is a top-15 school, and out of the 22 seats in the class, there were at least 8 kids that came in off the waitpool after school started. And the waitpool must have cleared, because it wasn't even full - there were only 21 kids until last month when a new kid came in.

    So there is hope. Though we were certainly stressed through the summer, going 0/7, getting an OK-but-far-and-early R2 school and even going there for the first week, till we finally got our waitpool spot.

    I'd also add that I've read of people being worried about the emotional effect on their kid of switching schools. Don't fret it. If you're getting into your dream school instead of settling, it will be well worth it in the long run (the next 6 years) for your sanity and your child's eduction, versus maybe a week of them being disoriented or sad leaving the old teacher or friends.

    Good luck everyone!

  25. I know if you get your wait pooled school before school starts, that's it. You're done. That will be your assigned school. But I thought I read somewhere, if you get your wait pooled school after school has started, you have a day to make the decision to switch. Does anyone know for sure how the wait pool works after school has already started?

  26. 12:59: 11:47 here. I think it would have been much better emotionally for my son had he been able to say his goodbyes to the R2 school. As it was, SFUSD called me on Thursday evening to offer us our waitpool school and told us to start at the new school the next day.

    Of course, my son was already home from his R2 school when I received the news so he didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye. I think that was the most painful part for him, i.e. the sudden change with no closure.

    I talked with the school secretary and emailed his old teacher to explain the situation and to let them know that they will be missed.

    In hindsight, I wish I had asked SFUSD if my son could start on Monday of the next week instead of the next day in order to better transition him. At the time, though, I was feeling desperate and thought that the sooner he started at the new school, the better. We should have stayed put at the old school another day.

    Hindsight is 20/20. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure my son has forgotten the heartache. I think it is harder on the parents!

  27. I was looking at a spreadsheet online that seems to show that if you get assigned to one of your Amended School Choices (R2) then your become a lower priority candidate for your one Wait-Pool choice later.

    This spreadsheet from last year --
    [ http://tinyurl.com/yza3xjo ]second-to-last column. I'm assuming these columns are priority rank. So this spreadsheet sees to show that if you have received a school from your Amended Choices list (R2) then you have lowest priority for your waitlisted school.

    Is that correct?

  28. RE: Getting your wait-pool school after school starts --

    I keep hearing that people sometimes get their wait-pool school choice after the school year starts.

    But the SFUSD green sheet "Options for Round 1 Participants" clearly states: "After the August waiting pool run, the waiting pool pricess will be considered finished and the waiting pools will be dissolved. FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR NO TRANSFERS WITHIN SFUSD SCHOOLS WILL BE ALLOWED except for cases of change of address, disciplinary action, or safety concerns." (emphasis added)

    Can someone explain this apparent discrepancy about kids getting their school after the school year starts?

  29. 3:16: I don't think that's correct. My son started at his waitpool school on Friday of the first week and there was one other boy who started in his classroom on the same day who wasn't already enrolled in a SFUSD school (he was staying in preschool until a spot at our school opened up).

    My understanding was that there was no priority in waitpools, that when selecting someone off the waitpool, the computer was only looking for diversity factors as compared to kids who were already enrolled. I asked about this several times during the process but, of course, it's hard to know if I was given the correct information.

    This was last year, though. I don't know what, if anything, may have changed for this year. I can't imagine SFUSD tweaking that one element of the computer program this year knowing that they would be scrapping it next year.

  30. @3:26 -- 3:16 here... I know there is a priority in Wait-Pool -- at least at the first R2 draw of wait-pool candidates (before the Amended School Choices R2 are considered) because of course 0/7 folks get their their school choice before 1/7 people, and before people who didn't put 7 choices down.

    Maybe after the Amended School Choice R2 draw that priority disappears for wait pool?

  31. I don't know how many here are trying to transfer, but we are trying to transfer two kids who are in third and fifth grade. This is our FIFTH effort at trying to transfer. Got nothing in Round 1, but just put in a waitpool/Round 2 request today. We really tried to broaden our Round 1 requests, but turned up empty-handed yet again this year. We're not expecting anything in Round 2, but we've got our fingers crossed that the possible class size increase could open some slots at other schools in the upper grades over the summer or the beginning of the school year.

  32. 3:16 - regarding the R2 column in the waiting pool spreadsheet. That R2 column is for kids who FIRST enterered the lottery in R2 (they missed R1 for some reason). So they are lower priority than anyone who got their application in for Round 1. If you get your R2 school, your waitpool priority will still be Round 1 0/7 (assuming you were 0/7).

    As for the "dissolving" of the waitpools. Yes I see this year the document says they'll be dissolved at the end of August. Last year, and at least recent prior years, the claimed date was mid-September.

    Maybe the change is because this upcoming year is starting a week earlier, so the "10 day count" ends when it's still August. That's when they're supposed to have the final headcounts for state funding purposes, or something like that.

  33. If you get one of your R2 choices, does this put you on a lower cohort for the waitpool list for the next waitpool round?

  34. If you get one of your R2 choices, does this put you on a lower cohort for the waitpool list for the next waitpool round?

    No, you don't lose waitpool priority if you get one of your Round 2 choices. (The message right before yours answers the same question in greater detail.)

  35. Also, this year the 10 day count has been changed to a 5 day count

  36. Last night at the John Muir counseling session the EPC representative claimed that native speaker openings at CIS De Avila WOULD NOT be given to English speakers in Round 2. Instead, SFUSD would leave these slots empty in the hope of recruiting native speakers through the rest of the summer. Can anyone confirm this?

    Because if it's true, CIS De Avila would be an extremely poor wait pool/Round 2 choice.

    [I cross-posted this question to the De Avila thread.]

  37. "Instead, SFUSD would leave these slots empty in the hope of recruiting native speakers through the rest of the summer. Can anyone confirm this?"

    No confirmation, but it would make sense if they wanted to have a 50% target language/50% native english speaker split. The waitpools for the Cantonese immersion programs at West Portal and AFY are normally *huge*, and so it would not be difficult to find native Cantonese speakers to fill the target language spots. Wheras for Mandarin at SK and JOES, I think the experience is that it's hard to find native speakers.

  38. QUESTION - We went 0/7.

    1) If we get say #6 on our R2 list, does that mean there's no way we can get #2 on our R2 list?

    2) Do people who put School A on their R2 list at position 2 have more priority over people who put the same school at, say, position 4? (assuming all other factors to be the same)

  39. 1) If we get say #6 on our R2 list, does that mean there's no way we can get #2 on our R2 list?

    Ans: When the R2 lottery is run, if you're picked for more than one school, you'll be assigned to your higher-ranked one (ie #2 in your example). After R2, you can change your waitpool to your higher-ranked school (or any school) in hopes of getting it during the summer or when school starts and they see who's not showing up.

  40. @9:46 and #11:00

    I think the info that Dorie provided is correct. Today I received an email from Archie Folker as follows, re: De Avila:

    "In Round 2 we will still attempt to place the needed cohort of Chinese Native Speakers into the program. Currently the school is full with the appropriate amount of English speakers. We will review the possibility of filling additional English Cohort Seats only after Round 2 prior to the May 28th notification period, only if we do not reach our required balance of target language speakers. " I will cross-post this on the Immersion School threat.

  41. Regarding changing schools in kindergarten: I asked my 7th grader the other day what she remembers about kindergarten, and she has strong memories of about four events and vague memories of a few more. And the things she remembers really well were pretty inconsequential, like the day a kid wet his pants. (Whereas I remember EVERY SINGLE DAY of her kindergarten year, and I loved every minute of it!) So, in the big scheme of things, I'd say that changing schools in the first week might be one of the things your kid remembers, but probably won't scar them for life.

  42. Has anyone considered Guadalupe? Or know anyone who goes there or anything else about it? We were assigned there and visited and it seems like a happy school with nice kids, friendly teachers and pretty good test scores. I saw it is on the list of schools with possible openings.

  43. I'm checking back in after an absence - alot of these questions may have been answered but I'll try and fill in a few that may still be hanging.

    To: March 17, 2010 9:24 AM

    "Do you put your waitlist school also on your R2 application as one of the 7? I envision something like this, they run the waitpools and we don't get picked. In the meantime, a couple of kids drop out of the school or they add the extra spaces, they then run R2 and walla...you did not list your waitpool school as #1 on R2 and you miss out. Am I way off base?"

    My answer: Since they run all of the waitpools first for all of the cohorts, the few slots vacated by no-shows will be snatched up through the waitpools. They won't be available once they get to people's amended choice options.

  44. To 3/17 11:54:

    This is the rumor of the year. No you do not get priority if you turn your application in early. Just DON'T miss the deadline of March 26th.

  45. To 3/18 322 and 8:13

    The EPC is changing a few procedures this year. They will be trying to aggressively clear the waitpool as much as they can before school starts. In past years the waitpools are full of people who really no longer want to be there. Once school starts the EPC does call and ask you if you want the slot and usually give you a day to get back. Processing long waitpools can take a very long time. If they can clear the waitpools of the dead weight before school starts then people can get their assignments early and schools can get on with the task of teaching children rather than deal with the turmoil of kids coming and going. They hope to close all the waitpools by September 1st.

    A letter will be sent home in July asking if you wish to stay in your waitpool.

  46. Finally, there has been some discussion about whether the waitpools or the amended choices are random or not.

    In my discussions with the EPC this morning I learned that they are not entirely random. That the same algorithm used in Round 1 is used in the waitpools and amended choices. They may appear so since the applicant pools, particularly in the waitpools, are very similar to each other and the size of the pools are much, much smaller but a different algorithm is not used.

  47. I am so glad Vicki keeps popping up...
    Ok so were 0/7 with some marginal schools listed and two diversity factors/ african american/ no preschool. Now we are looking to move. Before we pack up and leave our city of 20 years,(we will try round two before packing) is this process really going to become neighborhood/address based next year and we could try again next fall, or is that a rumor? We live in an area with tons of acceptable schools but got nothing in our zip or even nearby....

  48. 3:41

    Yes, the assignment system is changing. You can read a lot more about it at PPSSF.org, sfusd.edu, or rachelnorton.com. Yes, it will be much more based on neighborhood, although there will be preference for kids from the 20% lowest achieving census tracts (mostly in the Mission and BVHP) to apply to other schools, and there will be some citywide/lottery schools (mostly the K-8s and the immersion schools).

    If you are in a high-achieving schools area, you will probably be zoned for a high-achieving school next year. The maps will be out in the fall.

    Would you be applying next year for K or for 1st grade? (That is, would you hold back your child, esp if he/she is a late birthday?). It may be easier to find a space under the new system through the K process.

    I strongly urge you to stay through the process before moving. There is always movement and you really should be able to find a spot. I recommend you contact PPS for counseling about your R2 list and waitpooling, and to talk about next year as well.

    Good luck!

  49. We were accepted into some great private schools and are making the decision this weekend if we can afford it or not. I believe we can not. Having gone 0/7 last week on public lottery, I am wondering if others are facing this problem as well. I did not list all trophy schools, just one on my public list. Are there any schools that more than a handful of us have been assigned to and what to make it the next Miraloma with elbow grease and intention? It may take a few years I realize this… If so, write to me and let me know what schools are on the way up so to speak, and or if there are schools many of us were assigned to and are on the fence about... PLEASE!

    Many private schools overbuilt and overspent during the late 1990's and now they are grappling with how to make ends meet. If I chose a school whose tutuition will continue to rise exorbitantly high most year, in nine years I doubt I will be able to keep doing it more less save for high school or college for my daughter, since my hours were cut and salary decreased a small amount in the last 12 months. Some people get tuition assistance that qualify but not all that qualify actually receive anything. That leaves the many of us priced out or paying and just barely scraping by with a private pick. What may we select together as our alternative school? Many parent groups did it before with Alvarado, Peabody and others. What is next and how may I champion a “next school” besides Rosa Parks which is not convenient for many people. THANK YOU.

  50. 6:07, I think you are right to take finances into account. You really should be able to get an acceptable public school through this process (and I am not one who thinks that every public school is acceptable). Financial stress is awful for the whole family and if you can avoid it, it will benefit your children.

    Re Round 2 and waitpooling. It sounds like convenience/location is important to you. What part of town are you in? That will help people respond to you with ideas.

    In the SE, I'd look at Daniel Webster, Paul Revere (either program), Flynn GE, and Junipero Serra, where some of the many families from Bernal who were assigned there 0/7 may actually go. There was an email contact for that group put out on the huge Round 1 Letters thread....scroll through to find it. Talk to those families, if you can. You should be able to get a spot there.

    IMO, Junipero Serra is a nice school in a nice location with good principal and teachers. Its main deficit from the perspective of Bernal families has been its utter lack of a middle class base (which has roots in an old system that gave Bernal parents easy access to alternatives). That can be fixed if enough middle class families decide to go for it.

    Harvey Milk often moves a bit in R2, and is centrally located. Moscone and Marshall might be good bets since they will be using diversity index in R2, and Marshall usually has enough Spanish speakers for their immersion balance.

    In the SW, I would check out Jose Ortega, both GE and MI. Kate has a video posted on it further down on this site. Lakeshore and Commodore Sloat may have movement, although JO would be a better bet if you want a sure thing.

    Let us know your location, I'll think more....

    Good luck!

  51. 6:07 -- I hate to rain on your parade, but I'm afraid the budget cuts are going to throw a huge monkey wrench into any plans to turn around schools like Junipero Serra. I've got five years under my belt with two kids at an up-and-coming public school. In our best year, we raised $50,000. Compare that to the nearly quarter of a million dollars that schools like West Portal, Clarendon and Miraloma are pulling in every year. When years were good, I could poo-poo what that extra money got kids at trophy schools. Rock-climbing walls -- who needs it, right? But now the issue is life or death -- each elementary is going to take a huge cut of three teachers. The trophy schools will continue -- as they have already this year with last year's cut (which pushed many schools to increase class size to 3 in 4th and 5th) -- to hire extra teachers to keep their class sizes low. Our $50,000 -- even if it goes up 20% next year as our PTA has valiantly promised -- is merely a drop in the bucket compared to the piles of cash the trophy schools are sitting on. The best we can hope for is to provide some supplies for our teachers and maybe do a few field trips. The trophy schools will be able to keep class sizes down to a minimum. If you and the others at JS seriously think you can raise money on the order of 250,000, then I say go for it. If not, then I'd do private rather than trying to turnaround a school in the middle of a gale-force wind of budget cuts.

  52. Junipero Serra doesn't need that much money. Some....and some TLC and sweat equity. They will be less affected by budget cuts than Clarendon due to the various funding streams.

    It is amazing what a community can do, and Bernal is well-placed to be that community.

  53. "In the SE, I'd look at Daniel Webster, Paul Revere (either program), Flynn GE, and Junipero Serra, ......Harvey Milk often moves a bit in R2, and is centrally located. Moscone and Marshall might be good bets.....
    In the SW, I would check out Jose Ortega, both GE and MI. ..... Lakeshore and Commodore Sloat may ...."

    I would also add in the SE: Glen Park (if that is SE) and Sunnyside is likely to see some movement in R2 despite its growing popularity.

    In the Sunset I would look at Francis Scott Key. Jefferson and Lakeshore will probably have movement in R2.

    In the Richmond I would look at Sutro, and McCoppin. Lafayette will probably have some movement in R2.

    For Marina families try Spring Valley.

  54. Paul Revere will do an additional tour for parents that might be interested in the school for round II, but didn't have a chance to join a tour in the November - December timeframe.
    Tour is at 9 am on Wednesday March 24th, convening in the hall of the Annex building, across from the main building at 555 Tompkins Av. in Bernal Heights. For information, please contact parent liaison Anabel Ibanez (415.695.5974) or ibaneza@sfusd.edu

  55. Round II, turning our form in tomorrow. I noticed a number of schools only filled to 22 spots for K, when are those opening up? Does that mean almost every school will have 2 spots to pull in from the waitlist schools plus any non-accepts?

  56. Is there any advantage of having 7 choices on your amended school list? In all reality, I only really want my Wait Pool choice and a few other schools on my amended choices. If I do fill up my list to 7 and I get one off my list, am I no longer in the R1 0/7 cohort for my WaitPool Choice?


  57. No, you stay in the 0/7 cohort from Round 1 even if you get 1 of your 7 in Round 2. We got an ok school in Round 1, but I still turned in a Round 2 form, Waitpooled our No 1 pick and then listed 4 schools only for Round 2. These are the ones I'd like better than what I got. If I had not gotten a school in Round 1 that I could live with, I would fill my Round 2 all the way up with 7 choices. At least that way you have 8 chances to get something you'd like. Good luck. I'll be below you in the 1/7 waitpool cohort.

  58. The additional K spots will open up once the district finishes negotiations with the teachers union. Sure would be nice if this happened b/f Round 2, but no way of knowing. A principal told me this weekend that the size would increase to 24 -27. She said the district was giving each school a little flexibility b/c it would be better to add a couple more kids to each K class than have a split K/1st grade.

  59. I wrote a blog post about the SFUSD Student Assignment System and my personal experiences with it. I think that the post might be of interest to parents and teachers who use this site (although the post is intended for a national audience).


    I may cross-post this comment on other threads. I am not sure which current thread would be the most appropriate.

  60. We are 0/7. Already attending EPC "counseling" session and submitted waitpool and amended list.

    Today, a parent told me I am *required* to register at my assigned school to be in the wait pool. I toured said school and have no interest and have not registered (yes, I know I could ultimately end up with nothing).

    That isn't accurate, is it? I am not *required* to register at unwanted assigned school, am I? (To participate in wait pool, that is...) Heard no such thing mentioned at "counseling" session last week. Thank you.

  61. re 8:11 - You are NOT required to register at the school you were assigned to in order to participate in the wait pool.

    Registering at the assigned school does not cost you anything and thus is often used strategically since it guarantees a spot at one school. However, if you have absolutely no intention of sending your child to the assigned school, there's no point in registering.

  62. Our BIG QUESTION re: Round 2 --

    We went 0/7. If we get one of your schools on the Amended list, does it lower your chances to get your Waitpool (#1) choice since you are now technically no longer 0/7?

    The issue is if we should only put on the amended list schools we really want to go to; or if we should also put any school that we would rather go to than the assigned school we got. We want to keep our chances as high as possible for our #1 waitpool school.

  63. 8:05

    Did you go to one of the counseling sessions given by EPC last week? (Anyone know if more sessions are being given?) If you haven't gone, I'd suggest it.

    They way I understand it is they will keep running the waitpool lists every month, every month, until you either get your waitpool school or not. If no spots at all open up in your waitpool school, then they go to the amended list. But that wouldn't be until several months down the line.

    Anyone else confirm the accuracy of this?

  64. Here's a bright spot if you have bad luck in round II: I am a parent at San Francisco Public Montessori, and I have just been made aware that due to confusion at educational placement all applicants to the program with prior Montessori experience were lost in the shuffle during the first round of the sfusd lottery. SFUSD is opening three new Montessori classrooms next year and seats remain unfilled at K, grade 1 and Grade 2. The spots will be filled from two waiting pools: first from those students with concurrent prior Montessori experience, then from those without. If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic public school opportunity please contact Montessori Families Organization President MaryStarr Hope at 415-812-3046. For families interested in continuing with Montessori at the elementary level, SF Public Montessori offers an AMI credentialed Montessori program in a diverse, urban public setting. We are very excited about our school and would love to show it to you!
    We are moving to 2340 Jackson St for the coming school year. Our website is: http://www.sfpublicmontessori.org/

  65. Here's a bright spot: spaces open in SF Public Montessori. If you are interested in Montessori education in public school, there may be space available for this fall in the SFUSD public Montessori school. Our program is growing and moving to a new location at 2340 Jackson Street for the coming school year. Due to confusion at EPC many applicants to our program were lost in the shuffle during the first round lottery. Spots will be filled from to waiting pools: first those with concurrent prior Montessori experience, and then those without.

    Parents interested in learning more about our growing Elementary Montessori program (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade in SY 2010-11) are more than welcome to attend an Informational Tour for SFUSD Public Montessori Program: Wednesday, April 28th at 9:15 am. Dr. William Cobb CDC, entrance on Pine Street between Divisadero and Scott streets.

    Please RSVP by contacting Mary Starr Hope, President, Montessori Families Organization at 415-812-3046 for more information and any questions.