Monday, March 1, 2010

Daniel Webster fund-raiser: Eat at Kasa Indian Eatery on Tue., March 2

Need a break from weeknight cooking and like Indian food? Tomorrow night Kasa Indian Eatery - in the Castro is hosting a fund-raiser for Daniel Webster Elementary School. Either eat-in or take-out and 15% of the proceeds will go to Daniel Webster's PTA.
The food is delicious and the prices are great! Have a look at their tasty menu:
Date: Tuesday, March 2nd
Time: 5-10pm
Address: 4001 18th St. @ Noe
Phone: 415-621-6940


  1. We went to this last year. The food was GREAT. Kids are welcome too.

  2. I LOVE this place. Would they do this for other schools too, or is there some special connection with Webster?

  3. I believe they actually have a connection with Alvarado, and I know for sure they have done fundraisers for Alvarado. But that's great they are doing one for Webster, which is much more where Alvarado was 8-9 years ago in terms of program development. And yeah, the food is really good and the place is kid-friendly. Recommend!

  4. Fantastic, do not have to cook tomorrow. This place just gets better and better.