Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wanted: More "Why I love my school" stories from SFUSD parents

In light of the budget cuts--argh!--I'm re-posting many of the "Why I love my public school" essays on SFGate. The idea is to show the community that our city is home to many public schools that are worth preserving. Also, SFUSD is planning to run excerpts from the essays on their new site And I'm still working on NPR.

I'd love to get more essays to post on The SF K Files and SFGate. Please try to keep them under 400 words--though if you feel inspired and can't stop writing that's fine. We can deal with trimming it down later.

Please don't hesitate to get creative with your essays and the more specific you can be the better--i.e., I love the are teacher who taught the kids how to fold origami cranes--rather than the art teacher is great. Thanks! Best, Kate


  1. The YourSFPublicSchools website looks great, but one concern - it's not clear from the website who is behind the effort. From your post, it sounds like it's SFUSD - is that correct? If I make a donation via this site, where exactly does it go? Maybe I'm just missing it, but I'd love to see an About Us section of the otherwise terrific website.

  2. It says: "This campaign is brought to you by the following organizations: Masons of California and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, in collaboration with ... "

    wikipedia on freemasonry