Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I love McKinley

I love McKinley Elementary because it is a great community! It's on the small side for the public elementary schools and while far from perfect, there is a wonderful combination of teachers, parents, school staff, and community members that support EVERY child.

Parents are involved in the school through class projects, tutoring, and other volunteer
opportunities. The teachers are experienced, patient, and compassionate and, most importantly, love their work. My sons see a broad section of cultures, economic income levels, and learning levels, and learn everyday about the value of each person, without a specific
lesson on the subject. It's one of the few schools that represents the mixture of the City population.

My sons are challenged to learn new things and I am pleased and amazed to see their growth. They learn the subjects and they learn respect for others and common values. McKinley
has enrichment in arts, music, environmental science, and Spanish. We have a cozy school environment thanks to 1970's era design with the library as a central focus. McKinley has a great enrichment based After School program that provides great care and learning opportunities for every child, regardless of income level. Most importantly, my kids love
their school too. McKinley rocks!

Patricia McFadden
Mom of boys in 2nd grade and K


  1. We love McKinley, too! The children are bubbly and free-spirited, the teachers experienced and caring, the parent community warm, open-hearted and interesting.
    Even after only half a kindergarten year we have new good friends and renewed optimism about an urban family life.
    Yay for McKinley Elementary!

  2. We toured and loved that 70s vibe of the school.

  3. We have many friends at this school who love it. There seems to be a great vibe among the parent community. And I have heard good things about the principal.