Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I love Clarendon

I love Clarendon (JBBP) because when I drop my daughter off in the morning I leave with 100% confidence that she is getting an excellent education.

She is in kindergarten and my expectations have either been met and more often exceeded pretty much since day 1.

I love that the school is a well oiled machine that knows how to fund-raise and provide so much more than what the state budget allows for. I love that there is a full-time librarian, art teacher and gym teacher.

I love that my daughter and our family is being exposed to Japanese culture and language and as a kindergartner already talks about the day our family will visit Japan.

I adore her teacher who is smart, confident, experienced and committed. I love that she provides regular opportunities for parents to be involved in the classroom. I love the active parent community.

I love that while I am financially unable to give anything to the annual fund that I am given plenty of opportunities to give with my time instead. I love that there are parents who give a lot (time &/or $) and parents who give nothing and that nobody seems to care or talk about that.

I love that in our kindergarten class we have a diverse group of families who all go out of their way to talk with each other and get to know each other (even with language barriers).

In my opinion, the staff is very approachable, the school has such a positive vibe and nothing is taken for granted.

I just asked my 5-year-old if she loves Clarendon ("yes!") and then asked her why she loves Clarendon. Her response: "Because everyone is so kind in it....that's it"

—Mother to a JPPB Kindergartene

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