Tuesday, December 29, 2009

¿Por qué amo a mi escuela (Monroe)

(I thought I'd let my first-grader at Monroe write her own.)

Me gusta mi escuela por 3 razones. Primero: tiene mucho proyectos divertidos. Después: me gusta mi maestra. Por ultimo: me gusta todos mi amigas. Ahora se que Monroe es un escuela buenissimo.

(For my part, I love the school community - the principal, the teachers, the support staff and the parents. I love the other kids. I love the library and the organic garden. But I mostly love that my bright, funny daughter loves her school.)


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  1. Quick translation:

    I like my school for three reasons. First: It has many fun projects. Next: I like my teacher. Finally: I like all my friends. Now I know that Monroe is a very good school.