Saturday, December 26, 2009

June's Story - Our List

I have to apologize for my disappearance. Due to some personal family issues, writing up school tours became a low priority for me. I am very sorry if anyone was looking forward to my promised write ups. In the end Mathias and I toured way less schools than we had planed to, and found that we were very pleased with the vast majority of what we saw.

I already posted my list anonymously in the "Round One Lists", but after a few readers had asked what I and the other bloggers had listed, I decided to come back here to apologize and let you know what we decided and perhaps a few insights into why.

I turned our list in before Thanksgiving, and while we did debate our number one and two slot (this was a very close call), Mathias and I found it a pretty easy list to make in the end. It was as follows:

1 Peabody
2 Lafayette
3 Grattan
4 Jefferson
5 Sunset
6 Argonne
7 Claire Lilienthal

We did not have any real strategy for this list. We put them in the order we liked them, using Claire Lilienthal as a filler in number 7. Peabody won out in the end over Lafayette for number one mainly because of the later start time, and a little because of its more progressive feel. Everything else was just pure feeling, and some logistics. Since we have no attendance area school (we fall in the old Cabrillo area) our number one school will become our attendance area school as I understand from Parents for Public Schools.

I am feeling semi confident with our choices and hope to get a school in round one for Maddie. We do not have any backups as we do not want Private or Parochial and we did not find that Creative Arts Charter was a good fit for Maddie or our family. This means that if we do not get something in round one, or in the wait-list shortly there after we may be forced to look into leaving SF. I know many people say that it will all work out if we can wait, but I also know I do not have the stomach for that stress.

I will keep you posted in March when we get our letter. I hope many of us will be celebrating good news then.


  1. Leaving the city was our backup plan too. We even toured schools in Berkeley and Albany, which we liked. I hope it all works out for you!

  2. Best Wishes June! I think your list looks very reasonable. Grattan at #3 is fairly unlikely but you never know.

  3. Peabody - 44 slots, 33 first place applications in '09-10.

    Lafayette - 88 slots, 69 first place applications.

    Jefferson - 88 slots, 72 first applications last year.

    Odds look good.

  4. Can you tell me where to find the numbers on first applications for each school?

  5. "Can you tell me where to find the numbers on first applications for each school?"

    Five year demand data, and capacity, at:

    You should study the demand data for your desired schools throughly before submitting your application. If you're on the fence between School A and School B, and School A has 88 slots and had 50 first-choice requests, and School B has 55 slots and 120 first-choice requests, then it may make all the difference in how you rank the schools.

  6. Just to clarify, I think the first school you put on your list that is an attendance area school, becomes your neighborhood school. That is if you put alternative schools 1 and 2, and a neighborhood school in 3rd place, you'd get neighborhood preference on that 3rd place school.

  7. Anon at 7:35 am - Dont forget about slots siblings. You can't assume that all slots are available, and also remember that applicants that put down a Jefferson as their second or third choice may have been assigned to Jefferson. It is a hard school to get in to.

  8. "Anon at 7:35 am - Dont forget about slots siblings."

    Demand data I posted are aggregrate data from SFUSD, including sibs.

  9. My child has SpecEd needs and has an IEP, so all of our choices needed to be for schools which offer an Inclusion program.

    1) Clarendon
    2) Cobb Montessori*
    3) Sunset
    4) Argonne
    5) Miraloma... See More
    6) Lakeshore
    7) Harvey Milk
    and we wrote in an 8th choice:
    8) Claire Lilianthal

    *the 8th choice was written in because at the time of application due-date we weren't sure what would happen with the Montessori Program, and we didn't want to have "wasted" a choice.

    This might not be the ideal comment thread to post, but I would be very interested to see what the "top 7" were for other parents of children with special needs. Thanks :)