Thursday, November 5, 2009

LGBT Welcoming and Inclusive School forum

The upcoming LGBT Welcoming and Inclusive School forum will take place at Rosa Parks Elementary School at 1501 O'Farrell St. on sat , Nov 14 from 11:30-3:30 There will also be a school fair featuring public and independent SF schools. Lunch and childcare are included (suggested $5 donation). Please register at or call Julia at 981-1960.

This would be a great place for families interested in family diversity in SF schools, people wanting a more low key experience than the huge school fair taking place on nov. 7, or those interested in learning more about Rosa Parks itself. It is a beautiful and diverse school located within walking distance of japantown. There is also a work day that day to prepare our courtyard for our greening project - there will be families of students currently enrolled who, I'm sure, would be happy to talk to you!


  1. Yay, Rosa Parks! What a great community you have and wonderful programs.

    And hooray for this forum, too. There's more to be done, but so many schools are more welcoming (in an explicit way) of LGBT families than ever before.

  2. Blaaahhhh, I have to be out of town on a family emergency. I would love it if someone posted an account of this event.

  3. I strongly recommend The San Francisco School if you're open to private school, and looking for LGBT support. Both of our children are there and we couldn't be happier.

  4. Marcia, we will try to attend and post a summary. We're just starting the learning process about Bay Area schools, and will try to share what we learn for others in the same process.

  5. I agree , 4:02-yay, Rosa Parks!! My daughter started kindergarten in the JBBP this year and it really is a diverse, great school.
    It will be a nice opportunity to learn about lots of schools, check out our beautiful building and grounds (which will be even better next fall because all of our greening and landscaping will be completed), and for those who are "nervous" about the neighborhood to come see and realize that it is perfectly safe-you can eve walk over to japantown for an early dinner after the event!

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  7. We attended the LGBT school forum today and had a good experience. There were dozens of schools there, public and private, and most brought both parents and teachers/administrators. We collected a ton of literature, met a bunch of people and have expanded the list of schools we will look at considerably.

    Below is a partial list of the schools present:

    Argonne Elementary School
    Brandeis Hillel Day School
    Children's Day School
    Creative Arts Charter School
    Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy
    Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School
    Live Oak School
    Lycee International Franco-American
    Miraloma Elementary School
    The Nueva School
    Presidio Hill School
    Rosa Parks Elementary School
    San Francisco Community School
    San Francisco Day School
    San Francisco Friends School
    San Francisco Public Montessori Program
    The San Francisco School
    StarrKing Elementary School
    Synergy School
    Town School for Boys

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