Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot topic: Sheridan

This from an SF K Files reader:

I am wondering if anyone has children at Sheridan or has toured or has any information to offer at all...


  1. There was a woman who commented almost daily on this blog last spring/summer who was assigned to Sheridan, toured it, and thought it had a lot to offer. She ultimately stayed with a private school in which her child was already enrolled down in Daly City (if I remember correctly). I can't remember all her reasons, but she posted under the name "sfmom" or something like that. Sorry that isn't more helpful -- I've personally never toured the school.

  2. I really like the principal and the staff at Sheridan as well as the school, they have made lots of great improvements and you can feel the positive energy even though it's not in the best of neighborhoods. The school feels safe and it's like one big family. the grounds are well kept. There is a great inclusion headstart/special day class for preschool right now. I dont' have a child that attends the school as it was too far away from where we live to consider it, but don't discount this "hidden gem".