Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot topic: Placement of students with program needs

This from an SF K Files reader:
The EPC provides details of the selection process here. In reviewing it, it's handy in that it gives details behind the diversity index selection process. But I can't seem to find any details behind the first step of the selection process, ie. the "placement of ... students with program needs." In particular, I understand that immersion programs fall in this bucket, so this step represents a large portion (20%?) of spots for Kindergartners, including some of the most popular spots.

Does anyone know the details behind this first step in the selection process? Real documentation for this step of the process, or just the guidelines, or even hypotheses as to what they are doing are welcome as far as I'm concerned, given that I'm starting from almost zero. All I've gathered so far is that for immersion programs, they strive for either 50/50 native/english, or 33/33/33 native/english/bilingual. But I haven't seen firm documentation on that, and even if I did, it leaves *a lot* of uncertainty as to the process.


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