Sunday, November 22, 2009

El Dorado's Bakers' Book

The Kindergartners of Room 9 and their First Grade Buddies in Room 104 would like to share the delicious results of their Breaking Bread unit with you. Their bound and illustrated cookbook will be available 5 December for $4.00 a copy (+ $2 shipping and handling if applicable). All proceeds will support their weekly cooking projects.

The El Dorado's Bakers' Book can be purchased at El Dorado in person, by phone (415.331.1537) or by mail (Jennifer Moless/Tali Horowitz, El Dorado ES 70 Delta St. San Francisco CA 94134). Orders are also accepted by email to We can accept cash or checks made out to Jennifer Moless or Tali Horowitz.

Thank you for supporting healthy, hands-on learning in our classrooms!


  1. Yeah, let's all post items being sold by all of the grades at all of our schools.

  2. Well, that could be overwhelming indeed, but in this case, El Dorado is a school that gets very little buzz here but happens to have a phenomenal and collaborative teaching staff serving a predominantly low-income population of kids on the SE side of town. While Alvarado and Clarendon et al, not to mention xyz private schools, can no doubt find ways to market themselves and projects such as these, I have no problem giving a school like El Dorado a little boost--and it puts it on the radar here as well.

  3. Thanks for the announcment.

    I'm looking forward to purchasing several copies.

    Thanks to all the staff their at El Dorado for their dedication and hard work!

  4. this sounds like a cute project. i'll get one. 11:15 chill on the cynicism.