Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clarification about Fairmount Elementary tours

I somehow didn't get the memo in time, but Fairmount is doing some of its 8:30-10:15 Tuesday tours entirely in Spanish: Nov. 3 and 17, and Dec. 1 and 15. The others are in English. No appointment necessary for either the Spanish or English tours, which end Tues., Jan 5. No tours on Dec. 22 or 29.

Since there were 4 or 5 of us English-speaking parents who hadn't gotten the message either, I thought I'd post this info and ask people to check their calendars and/or spread the word. And if you know Spanish-speaking families, please encourage them to attend the Spanish tours.

I'll return to Fairmount another day and post a review when I can.


  1. Oh, bummer for you! But I am glad they are doing this outreach.

    Did you go on the tour anyway? It might be interesting to tour around without understanding the person talking. Kind of like watching a movie on silent. You might see things that would otherwise not catch your eye.

  2. No, I didn't go on the tour as I am not quite brave enough to write a review based on information in a language I don't understand except from high school. But it might have been fun -- sort of like those videos where they transcribe a foreign language by sound, mash-up of English words.