Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunnyside tour change

Has anyone already signed up for a tour of Sunnyside? The Sunnyside Elementary tours are now on Thursdays at 9am, instead of Tuesdays. The two Saturday tours are unchanged--Oct 17 and Nov 14. If you have already reserved a space on at Tuesday tour, the school will phone you to invite you to select a Thursday tour date instead.


  1. I wanted to see if you can start a thread about receiving notice from the SFUSD about an open space at your waitlist school (now six weeks into the school year). We just received notice this afternoon that our waitlist school has a space and are really really torn. Any comments?

  2. You don't say which schools are involved in this decision, so I can only comment generically....

    Do you really like your waitpool school? Do you have concerns? We can't really comment on that, not knowing what you would be leaving and for where.

    If your concern is about the challenges of switching into the school year: it happens, and most kids are remarkably, amazingly adaptable. If presented positively, I think it would be a few days or weeks of making the switch, and eventually, would seem like a blip. Kids at the age of 5 or 6 are not set in their ways, or their friendships. They will be curious about another child joining them, and the teacher will make an effort to integrate the child.

    If it's about losing a year's tuition, I can only say that the long-term financial benefits will be huge if you are not paying tuition in upcoming years, and if you have another child coming along, that goes double, literally.

    In other words, if your concerns are generic and not about the particular schools, then I would definitely do it. Look at it this way: if you had gotten this news in July, or April, would you have gone with this school? If yes, then I think you should do it in October.