Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rally for eduction: tomorrow at noon

San Francisco State students, faculty, and staff have been working with other groups involved in public education to decry these draconian budget cuts and to secure adequate funding for ALL public education in California.

The California Faculty Association, along with other unions, student groups and community members have organized a rally on the steps of CIty Hall on Thursday, October 15th at noon. The message is to TAKE A STAND FOR ALL PUBLIC EDUCATION IN CALIFORNIA.

The future of our children and the state depends on it.

Please join us if you can and spread the word.

Note: This info was pulled from a Yahoo group posting. If anyone has additional details, please add info in the comments.


  1. Why is everyone going to City Hall to protest? What does the City have to do with State financing?

  2. I must admit, I agree with 7:52 - why not stand outside the State building instead? SF, in all fairness, has been far and above when it comes to supporting it's schools financially compared to other cities in California (ex: Rainy Day Fund, all bond and parcel taxes passed in the last 10+ years, etc.)

    The problem with funding is in Sacramento. (We might start with our own SF state reps - especially Leland Yee who started is career as a member of the SF BOE, then moved to Board of Supes before heading out to Sacramento and doing NOTHING for education since he left us in the dust. GEt this guy outta there - a real do nothing for SF.

    Leno and Ammiano, IMHO, do better. I think Ammiano (who just joined earlier this year) is on the Education Committee. Fiona Ma does no harm, but doesn't DO anything either.

    I'm really sick of all our SF reps in Sacto yack yacking but not DOING or LEADING or INITIATING anything for public schools.

    Let's start change with them and put the heat on. (And don't let them get away with saying that 'it's all the Republican's fault in S.California' .

  3. Rumor has it Leland Yee wants to run for Mayor of SF - please, lord, no.