Friday, September 11, 2009

SFUSD news

* Longfellow Elementary students will be going greener as the entire school switches from plastic water bottles to reusable ones. Teen green entrepreneur Riley Hoffer will be bringing 650 stainless steel water bottles for the staff and students at Longfellow, where they currently recycle their water bottles, so the students can take another step toward ecological sustainability. Hoffer will be sharing some startling facts that children may not know, such as how it takes up to 700 years for a typical plastic water bottle to biodegrade.

* Leaders of the city’s green schoolyards will be setting up a complete mini-garden in a car parking space and will invite passersby to enjoy elements you can find at some of San Francisco’s public schools, including trees, vegetable plants, a rain water barrel, a worm bin, and tree stumps to rest on while taking it all in. This inventive garden spot is part of the PARK(ing) Day, a worldwide event of over 500 temporary ‘parks’ installed in car parking spaces in over a hundred countries, to show the need for improvements in urban living such as those found in SFUSD’s green schoolyards. Currently, there are over 80 green schoolyards in the city’s public schools.


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