Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hot topic: School events for prospective new families

An SF K Files visitor suggested we start a thread where you can post listings of upcoming school events that prospective new families might be interested in attending. Feel free to post your events in the comments:
Creative Arts Charter School's fall fair is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 24th (11 - 3:30 p.m. in the school...1601 Turk @ Pierce) and we would love to get the word out to prospective families through the SF K Files. I imagine that other schools would also like to let folks know about their fall events. How about a thread for parents to post their school's fall fairs and other public events that prospective new families would be interested in?



    Friday, 09/25/2009
    6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

    Come Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month dancing under the stars! Join us for a fun, community event that raises money for arts, PE and other important programs at Fairmount Elementary School. Dinner, entertainment, dancing and salsa lessons are included in the ticket price. Roses, raffle tickets and family portraits will be available for an additional donation.

    This is a family event, everyone welcome! Parking can be limited in the school neighborhood, so please consider taking public transportation. *Dinner will be served from 6:15-7:15pm.

    For more info and to buy advance tickets:

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  4. Rosa Parks is having a welcome BBQ with face painting, balloons, food and fun this saturday 9/19 from 11-3!

  5. Rosa Parks is having a welcome BBQ with face painting, balloons, food and fun this saturday 9/19 from 11-3!

  6. McKinley Elementary is having a carwash/bakesale on Saturday 9/19 at 9:30 AM. It's a good way to see the community in action and support a public school. I'm sure the parents on hand would be happy to tell you about the school too.

  7. Since the posting advertised a Creative Arts event, can I ask those folks whether SFUSD has finalized where Creative Arts is going to be next year? Just wondering . . . (And maybe this post will put a bug in the school district's ear to give the folks at Creative Arts a set home for next year sooner rather than later!)

  8. 4:58pm --- Liz Jaroslow, the Director of Creative Arts, provided this info in the August thread about Creative Art's new website, where the question also came up:

    I think I can clarify some of the questions about CACS.

    The school will be moving in July 2010.

    The move gives us an opportunity to partner with the SFUSD to find a great new location for CACS. We have requested a centrally located spot and hope to remain in District 5.

    We will have the District's proposed site by January 1st and must submit our acceptance by March 1st.

    Families will be informed of the new site in their enrollment offer.

    You may accept placement at CACS and remain on another sfusd school's wait list. In May, we compare enrollment lists with the district's lists and families that have enrolled in two schools will be asked to make a choice.

    It is necessary to submit a separate application directly to the school. We are not a choice on the SFUSD enrollment application.

    I am currently the school's Director, but I discovered Creative Arts nine years ago when searching for a kindergarten for my oldest son.
    I remain grateful that I stumbled on to such a supportive learning community for my children.

    Please check out the website and sign up for a tour.

    They are a favorite part of my job. I love to show off our incredible teaching staff and level of family involvement

    Liz Jaroslow

  9. D'oh. I meant Creative Arts' new website. Typing too fast...

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