Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Got a hot topic?

Do you have a question about the enrollment process? A school? Language immersion? You can email your questions and topic suggestions to thesfkfiles@gmail.com and we'll start a new thread and readers can jump into the discussion in the comments.


  1. Hot Topic: Homework in Middle School?

    I'm trying to figure out what's the norm for homework (both content and extent) in middle school. I have a student who is doing classroom math and 1/2 hour of homework that she learned in the 4th grade while her counterparts at another middle school are spending 2 hours on exponents. I know its just the start of the year and there's probably some initial assessment and review going on, but at what point do i get concerned that my child is not being challenged? One note: my child's school does not have a separate class for gated kids. Perhaps this is the distinction?

    Hot Topic: Gate Vs No Gate Track in Middle School

  2. Hi Kate - I posted the following questions in the middle of another thread, but it would be really nice if they had their own thread.

    "Which public elementary schools do a good job teaching science? And does anyone have any first-hand knowledge re: Spring Valley (supposedly a "Science Magnet" school)?"

    Three people mentioned Grattan as having a good science program. It would be great to hear about other schools as well. Thanks!

  3. The new enrollment process. Thanks!

  4. Which schools are really *great* at differentiated instruction?

    Our kindergartener is already reading chapter books, but has to do the same worksheets and homework as his classmates. No differentiation evident *yet.* Maybe things will get better?

    Students aren't identified for GATE until the end of 3rd grade, but from what I hear, most schools don't do much for GATE students anyway...

    Are there exceptions in SFUSD elementary schools? I've heard complaints about lack of differentiation (especially w/regards to gifted kids) from parents with kids at what are considered the "best" schools: Clarendon, Rooftop, Argonne, Lilienthal, Grattan. The gifted kids have to do the same worksheets as the other kids, even if they are already reading chapter books or doing multiplication and division in kinder or first.