Monday, August 24, 2009

Parents rescue inner-city Potrero Hill school

Be sure to check out this story from Sunday's SF Chronicle about SFUSD school Daniel Webster:


  1. That's interesting: I didn't know that there had been a preschool immersion program at Webster before 2008: the district creating an immersion option at Webster seemed something they did on the fly to solve the Flynnarado problem. Interesting to find there was more to the story.

  2. Tmcvey, it is my understanding that they had already planned to create a Spanish immersion program there, but they moved up the start date by one year to alleviate the Flynnarado problem. Many of the Flynnarado parents felt that the program wasn't ready last year and therefore was too risky--they were hiring SI teachers within weeks. Others took the plunge, figuring it might be bumpy at first but was a good opportunity. But this year was the original start date, so it makes sense that it seems more put-together now.

    If I were in the market now, I'd be taking a look. This may be the last year, maybe one of two or three--a lo mas--that it will be possible to list it as a better-odds/safety school. For anyone coming from the SW side of town, it is right off the 280. Obviously it is convenient for Potrero, SOMA and Mission folks, unlike the schools on the west side. And the 48 bus goes right by for those using public transport. If you work or go to school at UCSF Mission Bay, this would be the obvious choice. Also, convenient to downtown and SOMA via 7th Street if you drive to work there, or if you commute to the East Bay by car.

    While you can't judge a book by its cover, or at least not only, Webster certainly looks spiffy these days with all the yard work and new coat of paint....indicative of involved parents & community as the article mentions.