Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot topic: How hard should you lobby to get into a school after school starts?

An SF K Files visitor asked me to start the following thread:
Although our child has a spot at a private school for kindergarten, we are keeping our fingers crossed for our wait pool public school choice. I would be interested in people's thoughts on how hard we should lobby our wait pool school after school starts. Does it even matter? Does the school want to hear from us, or have we all been assigned a number and the school will just go down the list as a spot becomes available?


  1. I just got off the phone with Education placement center; We went 0/14, during open enrollment my hubby went and line up @4am with the kids and got Rosa park JBBP. We are really hoping to get our WL school; I am crossing my fingers that we get a call next week when the next round of the waitpool calls goes out. Anyways my question for them was "what happens when there is an opening does the computer pulls a name?" I didn't get a clear answer

  2. On the 10th day of school (called the 10 day count) USD takes a head count of all students at the school sites. Any spots open are communicated to EPC. EPC activates the system to randomly pull from the WP list. Going to your WP school on the first day to check on vacancies will not be helpful because the system is scheduled to do the pull a few days after 8/24. You'll get to know the principal and vice-versa but it's the system that does the random pull. The principal will know their current head count. So you'll get some peach of mind, but you're still beholden to the lottery system. You have to make sure you're the WP list for the school you want. On one of my visits I found out they didn't update my school choice from before. Always make them give you a copy of whatever changes you request.

    I hammered EPC 3 to 4 days a week during my lunch hour. I met almost every counselor and on a really busy USD day I got to meet w/ the EPC director. I got some consistent answers and some mixed messages. I was convinced that my badgering EPC did no good but we got the call after R3.

    Good luck.