Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creative Arts Charter School has a new Web site

As we kick off a new school year, I hope you'll take a moment to look at the newly redesigned web site for Creative Arts Charter School (CACS).

CACS is a public SFUSD K-8th grade charter, open to all via a separate random lottery that runs parallel to the main SFUSD lottery.

We're just one great option in a great District, but sometimes we're also SFUSD's best-kept secret.

The site gives us a fresh new public face and will give you a lot of wonderful information about our school.

Ok, I'm a little biased -- I'm the school's Director and parent of two current students -- but I hope you'll still feel inspired to take a look and decide for yourselves.

Liz Jaroslow


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  2. For parents who are just embarking on the "adventure" of the public school lottery, the amount of information (and misinformation) out there can be quite overwhelming.

    Thanks for putting out the reminder that the charter school option is available through the public school district.

  3. Is this school moving next year? I had heard it was moving last year but then it didn't. THX

  4. Yes, we will probably have to relocate, and we won't know where the campus is until perhaps April.

  5. Is it possible to accept a spot at CACS and another public school? Then decide after CACS new location is known which one to keep? Or will SFUSD only let you register at one school?

  6. Yes, you may apply to both, it is a separate enrollment process and applying to Creative Arts does not count as one of your seven "choices" on the SFUSD forms.

    I don't even like calling them "choices" ... it is a lottery, and not a "choice".

  7. Moggything is correct that you can apply separately to charter schools and to the regular lottery with 7 choices. However, I think (please someone correct if I'm wrong about this) that you cannot actually *register* at two schools. So if that was the original question, then the answer is no. I'm guessing the concern is that CACS may not know until April where the new location will be, which could be a problem for some parents (while perhaps not for others) if they have to register in March.

    In response to the original post, it is a cool new website, so congrats.

  8. yes, that was my question, can you register at CACS and another sfusd school (i understand that you apply separately from the 7 lotto). i suppose this is wishful thinking, that i'd get into CACS and another school from the 7 lotto that i liked. bummer, the new location won't be known until april. is the deadline to register in march?

  9. I think you actually can register at both ...

    you "accept" the spot, and then if you change your mind, you "release" the spot?

  10. Moggy, it sounds like neither one of us is sure, and it is an important detail. Realizing that CACS is a charter school and therefore has a separate process for applying, it is still a district school. It's hard for me to believe that a kid could be registered at two district schools. I mean, holding down two spots, at the very moment that hundreds of families are tearing their hair out looking for one?

    But seriously--I could be wrong about this.

    Is there someone here--PPS staff? Liz Jaraslow?--who can clarify this point?

    Of course, if there is ANY way for CACS to find out the new location before March, then the original conundrum would be solved.

  11. From the CACS website:
    " Placement offers: Initial offers will be mailed mid-March. You will receive your offer prior to the enrollment deadline for other SFUSD schools so that you can make an informed choice. Subsequent offers will be made on a space available basis."

    SFUSD sends out its offers in Mid-March ... so it's fairly straightforward: If your child gets lucky and gets into CACS through their lottery (maybe 300 kids apply to Kinder, for 40 spots?), and then SFUSD informs you that you got one of the schools you listed in their separate lottery, then you choose which one you want. If you want to wait-list for another SFUSD school, you can keep your spot at CACS until you see if you get in the other school or not.
    So, I guess you only register at a school you plan to send your child to.

  12. I think I can clarify some of the questions about CACS.

    The school will be moving in July 2010.

    The move gives us an opportunity to partner with the SFUSD to find a great new location for CACS. We have requested a centrally located spot and hope to remain in District 5.

    We will have the District's proposed site by January 1st and must submit our acceptance by March 1st.

    Families will be informed of the new site in their enrollment offer.

    You may accept placement at CACS and remain on another sfusd school's wait list. In May, we compare enrollment lists with the district's lists and families that have enrolled in two schools will be asked to make a choice.

    It is necessary to submit a separate application directly to the school. We are not a choice on the SFUSD enrollment application.

    I am currently the school's Director, but I discovered Creative Arts nine years ago when searching for a kindergarten for my oldest son.
    I remain grateful that I stumbled on to such a supportive learning community for my children.

    Please check out the website and sign up for a tour.

    They are a favorite part of my job. I love to show off our incredible teaching staff and level of family involvement

    Liz Jaroslow

  13. after read your articles, I will go and check the website.

  14. well.. it's like I thought!