Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you still waiting to get into kindergarten?

By now most families are probably enrolled in kindergarten for 2009-10. But unfortunately there are still those who don't have a school yet or who are still waiting for their top choice. Please feel free to share your stories. Also, those who went through the waiting game in past years, feel free to offer advice and support. Finally, there's a new poll in the right-hand column.

Wanted: Guest bloggers

Visitor comments are the heart and soul of The SF K Files. The strong opinions, heartfelt outbursts, and even the snarky attacks bring the site alive. Many of the comments are incredibly intelligent, emotional, honest, funny, sweet. I'd like to highlight some of the voices on the site. I'm inviting visitors to submit posts and I will feature them as guest bloggers.

I'm looking for well-written essays of about 450 words that tell a tale, reveal a personal reflection, or offer an informed perspective on a specific issue. Posts should be about education or San Francisco schools—uniforms, immersion, homeschooling, SFUSD enrollment process, all topics welcome. I'm open to strong opinions, but I expect featured guest bloggers to be thoughtful and sensitive to everyone's feelings. I see these as being similar to the personal commentaries on NPR.

You can submit your guest blog posts to Please include Guest Blogger in the subject line.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wait pools

Please share your stories about getting into your wait pool schools....