Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chanes to 2010-11 calendar

The Board of Education discussed proposed changes to the 2010-11 calendar at their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 26th, with a second reading and vote scheduled for Tuesday, June 9th.

The proposed changes are designed to end the first semester before the Winter Break, which would mean that the school year would start earlier in August and end at the end of May.

1st semester starts Monday, August 16 and ends Friday, December 17.
2nd semester starts Monday, January 3 and ends Friday, May 27.
See Draft A (29kb,pdf)

There would be a year before the proposed changes go into effect, allowing the district time to assure that summer programming remains intact. If you wish to speak to the BOE about the proposal, please call the Board office at 241-6493. If you wish to email your comments, feel free to contact Deena Zacharin, Director of the Office of School/Family Partnership at


  1. Call me old fashioned, but I wish school started after Labor Day. Why doesn't BOE hold a district-wide vote with more alternatives for parents, including a Sept. start date?

  2. My understanding is that SFUSD is making changes to the schedule so that high schoolers have yet another chance to take the HS exit exam. (CAHSEE) It would make more sense (to me anyway...)to have the high schools on one calendar and the elementary/middle schools on another. Let the district know your thoughts on this.

  3. I also thought their reasoning had something to do with trying to be in sync with City College...

    I'm not wild about shortening the summer--even by a week.

  4. After the first year, which will have a shorter summer, it's not actually shortening the summer, just moving it up one week--school will be out just before Memorial Day, and back in at the start of week 3 in August (e.g., next year it would be August 16 instead of 23).

    I'm not wild about it personally, as it will make our schedule even more out of synch with my family back East (they out in late June, back after Labor Day). But I do understand the rationales: 1) synching up with City College--many high schoolers take classes over there, and many parents attend City College; 2) ending the first semester for the upper grades BEFORE winter break; 3) more time for the students to complete tests like CAHSEE; 4) more instructional time "in the bank" before tests are given.

    The first proposal was the move the schedule up by TWO weeks, THIS year, which would have been a huge drag for a lot of us. Like I said, I'm not wild about this second proposal, but I"m glad Board heard the complaints about the first one, and this is okay as a compromise as far as I am concerned. I can live with it.

    As a working mom who always runs out of vacation days, I'll say that one nice thing is that Memorial Day can now be part of summer vacation, and travel in June, which can be cheaper and less touristy, is now on the table.

    If you have a favorite summer program you should let them know this is coming though--some of them plan their schedules as much as a year in advance, and I wouldn't bet on SFUSD communicating this change effectively.

  5. SFUSD actually waited a year on this so that CBOs and organizations involved in camps and summer programs would be involved and informed of the change to incorporate it into their plans.

    In our family's case, the change works better with family in other parts of the country that have school calendars like the one being suggested.

    Regarding a different schedule for elemenary vs. middle/H.S. -an absolute NO! If you have kids straddling these levels - you'd be completely off kilter!

  6. School should not be in session during the hottest part of summer. period. sept-june.

  7. If weather is the deciding factor, then we should split our summer vacation between May and September/October. We're usually socked in by fog from the end of June until September.

  8. So true, 9:48. June can be a nice hot month here (so that works in this formula) but rarely does August see the sun. What was that Mark Twain quotation about the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco?

  9. Twain never said it.

  10. As a SFUSD teacher, it's the final nail in the coffin. My child does not attend SFUSD (by choice, because it's a horrible district) and I will not compromise our summers together. We spend every day together, and I won't give that up. Her school has a perfectly normal schedule, and they won't change it, because it's a dumb idea anyway. School when the weather just turns nice in SF? Ridiculous.

  11. The teachers will not be compensated for their shortened summer. So in essence, I lose a week of vacation. My children lose a week of vacation. It totally sucks! None of the reasons are good enough for me.

    I blame UESF. They only listened to high school teachers and ignored the others. The union DOES nothing about real problems. Only helps SFUSD railroad in such ridiculous changes like "hey, let's change the calendar"

    And oh yes, let's not forget the poor teachers whose children are in other cities. Most public schools in the bay area are on a traditional track. Why it is not good enough in SF is beyond me.

    And yes, the weather is the BEST in September. If there needs to be a change, let start school in mid-October:)