Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rosa Parks Fund-raiser

Come to our Family FUNdraiser:
June 6th from 4:30-10:30
Stern Grove Clubhouse


  1. Shop our very first online auction!


  2. All are invited to participate in our online auction (6 more shopping days) AND come to our party!
    Come and get to know us.
    Advance tickets $15 adult/$5 children...includes food, childcare and fun. Live auction at 7:30
    Tickets at the door $25 adult/$10 children

  3. Just curious, does this fundraiser benefit the entire Rosa Parks community, or just the JBBP? Thanks.

  4. And if its just JBBP, how does that play out? Are funds for immersion kept seperate at the PTA level, at the school level?

  5. JBBP has a parent/community/teacher/staff organization called "PTCC" (parent teacher community council). This organization has several fundraising events per year, in addition to an ongoing Kifu donation program.
    Essentially, the bulk of the money is used for Japanese language instruction, cultural activities, class field trips, art, music and more.
    However, at the beginning of each year, PTCC 'grants' every class in Rosa Parks, GE & JBBP a 'kitty.' This "kitty" is used at the teacher's discretion for supplies to supplement what SFUSD provides.
    So, this event will benefit the entire school (the only time we have "tagged" fundraising specifically for a purchase was for new ibooks for our language program) and the students who are at Rosa Parks Elementary in 2009/2010.
    Hope this answers the questions of 'where does the $$$ go.'
    There is a PTA which represents the entire school: GE, Special Ed & JBBP. The PTA is just 2 years old, so fundraising has not been their focus.

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