Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming up THIS SATURDAY is the Starr King Car Wash, BBQ and Bake Sale!

Get your car washed! Eat some BBQ! Support Starr King students and teachers!

Saturday, April 25th
11am to 3pm
Starr King Elementary School
1215 Carolina Street
Potrero Hill

$5 Basic wash (exterior)
$15 Deluxe (with interior)

Donations above the charge accepted!
Get free BBQ with every wash!
Bring the whole family and invite your friends!

RAIN OR SHINE: The Bake Sale and BBQ will happen in the lunch room in the unlikely event of rain.

Please enter back schoolyard on Wisconsin between Connecticut and 25th Street.
Proceeds benefit the students and teachers of Starr King Elementary School.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Spring is here - excellent time to get the car shiny clean and help out a great school.

    If you are heading to Starr King, consider swinging by Daniel Webster to drop off any e-waste you may have in your trunk, garage, or office.

    Bring your old TVs, Monitors, Laptops, and more to Daniel Webster Elementary
    School (Texas Street Parking Area Btw 19th and 20th) from 9-5 on Saturday April 25th.

    We can accept:
    Fax Machines
    All types of phones
    Stereo Equipment
    DVD players
    Cable Boxes and Recievers
    Video Game Consoles
    Car Batteries
    Household Batteries

    Please NO microwave ovens or kitchen electronics.

    Thanks for spreading the word! Thanks for your support!

  2. Jennifer --

    I'm curious -- what do they do with the e-waste? Is it recycled or reused or repurposed in any way?


  3. These freelance carwashes are terrible for the environment.

    All that soap down the storm drain and potentially into the ocean.

    Not to mention the wasted water.

    Schools should teach a more eco friendly way of raising money.

    How can a car wash pollute our creeks?

    A car wash is a great way to have fun while raising funds for your school or community group. But did you know that if soapy water enters the storm drain system it will flow directly to the nearest creek? Soap (even if it is biodegradable) is a pollutant that can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life that depend on clean water for their survival. As well as soap, car wash water can carry pollutants such as dirt, oil, and other automotive fluids into our creeks.

    How do I keep car wash water from entering the storm drain system?

    There are several ways you can do this. Use your imagination and the ideas below to figure out what will work best.

    Wash the cars in a place where the natural drainage pattern will route wash water into a vegetated area such as a lawn or vacant lot. Be sure to have the owners permission if wash water is draining onto a neighboring property. You might be able to use sand bags, rolled towels, hoses, or other materials to divert the surface runoff to the vegetated area.
    Another way is to seal off the storm drain, collect the water, and use a small sump pump to pump the water to either a vegetated area or into a clean out opening to the sanitary sewer.

  4. (eye roll)

    new topic, please, Amy.

  5. Hi. I'm not sure why the eye roll above. Is that an eye roll about the school trying to raise money? Or about someone bringing up an environmental concern? One can always swing by the carwash and donate money to the cause even if one chooses not to actually have the car washed.

    [and, for those interested, here's a link to some info on the carwash issue (I'm not the poster above but did get curious when I read it, so here you go) :) ]

  6. The eye roll is because, even if you do the right thing by trying to raise funds for your struggling public school by having a fun community-building event, the PC police will come down on you hard. You cannot win in this town.

  7. @ 4:07pm --

    Thank you for stepping forward to lead the next fundraiser for Starr King!

    I understand you've got several great ideas for community-building money-raising environmentally-positive activities.

    Please share!

  8. i agree 12:00. it's always something and it's such a killjoy. when the weather was recently warm, my kids and i played in the sprinklers and someone "helpfully" let me know that there is all sorts of toxic crap in sprinkler water and that i will end up giving my kids and myself cancer. holy god, screw fun. i already had cancer and it nuthin' to do with water.

  9. Can I come poop in your water supply to raise money for my school?


  10. How about asking your kids if they'd like their school improved by polluting the ocean and waterways?

    Let them vote on whether to hold a carwash.

  11. How about you come up with an original fundraising idea that is completely "green" and share it with the rest of us?

  12. to the poster who gave us all good ideas to do better way to wash our cars, thank you, all of us can take it to heart and see what we can do.

    but really,re this particular carwash event, wouldn't the point also be how many people would have washed their car in their own garage anyway and had the water drain into the storm drain? not everyone who brought their car in today would have gone to an "official" clean green car wash station that recycled water, etc.

    for every activity there is an upside and downside re the carbon footprint and damage to the environment.

    crap, everyone should think twice before having another baby - every human leaves a carbon footprint! that octomon should be sued for being a disaster to the environment. just think of the pampers or cloth diapers (and water used to clean those diapers)..

  13. It was quite a green event. We used Dr. Bronners as the soap, vinegar for the windows, newspaper for much of the window washing and towels bought last year and washed for the rest. And except for a brief moment when the principal got a hold of a hose and was doing some fancy water tricks, the washing mostly was done with buckets of water, so it was fairly low-flow.

  14. Major Kudos all around -

    My minivan has never looked better from a car wash. The complementary double rainbow ice cream and watermelon was tops on a hot day like today. Everybody was super friendly and the DJ was great mixing up Stevie Wonder, Sade mixed with low rider, and even some rare Prince.

    BTW the water flow was really low, and not sudsy and even had a secondary use of giving kids something to splash their feet in.

  15. "How about you come up with an original fundraising idea that is completely "green" and share it with the rest of us?"

    Save everyone a lot of bother and give money to your school without making everyone do stuff for an event

  16. hmm, how naive and how little you know about human nature. sigh.

    as a volunteer at the event today, don't you think I wish we had some rich Daddy or rich Mama to throw us money this way. lets see, where can I find some rich benefactor? Hey Bill and Melinda, have a spare million or thousand without strings attached?

    don't you think we already have fundraiser where people give and get nothing in return?

    but you know what, there is something about a community event that brings out other intangibles, and yeah it was actually fun, and good exercise to boot.

    by the way, I do expect for our school to get a big fat check or cash from some "anonymous donor", and in case its not obvious who, that would be you at 7:48!

    thank you for the donation!!! the address is listed at the top of this thread.

    everyone here on this blog, you are witness!! woo hoo!! benefactor at last.

  17. "Save everyone a lot of bother and give money to your school without making everyone do stuff for an event"

    What a snotty answer. I hope you don't end up at my kids' school.

    I also hope you Starr King folks raised a LOT of money--power to ya!

  18. Handwash with Dr. Bronners sounds great - I should have brought my car! Any idea how much money the event brought in?

  19. you are missing the point ... I am not rich but I still think that all the people hours that go into all the idiotic fundraising events are a waste of time

    how much did the car wash make?

    and how many people put in how many hours to raise that money?

    say it raised 400 bucks.

    Say 20 people each worked 4 hours

    those same 20 people could have given 20 bucks each and saved a lot of time, energy, and resources for the same result. I would rather give 20 bucks than 4 hours of my time, and nope, I am not rich, I am PRACTICAL ...

    but yes, I am glad I am not at your school either, if you think such idiotic fundraising ideas are so wonderful and if you have such an inability to see how inefficient such fundraisers are.

  20. I agree, our time is of value and these garage-sale/car wash/bake sale fundraisers take way more time than is worth it, for the money raised.
    I don't think they are of much community building value either, better to just have a morning coffee event at school or evening potluck social.

  21. Has anyone told you that you have an incredible grasp of the obvious but a incredible lack of understanding of human nature?

    you seem to be missing the point.

    please send your check for $80 or more over, now. everyone here is a witness to your logic!! so put your money where your mouth is!

    sheesh! of course, all of us parents/staff know we could each fork over $100 bucks and save ourselves the hassle.

    but alas, only a small percentage of parents at the school is able to fork over $100. so again, the monetarily well off ones can provide the materialistic/monetary support. don't you think those same parents have already forked over the $100 in a previous FUNDRAISER where no sleeves needed to be rolled up, not one drop of sweat require other than pen and check (so get your checkbook out and fork it over!)

    that's NOT the ONLY point of the fundraiser.

    whatever. Just send your check, since you seem to think its easy to get people to part with their money. So part with yours, rich or not. You are telling the rest of our middle class parents to part with their money.

    The address is posted at the top.

    The students, parents, and staff at SK thank you for doing so without any strings attached, without requiring you car to be washed or without requiring you to be part of any other harebrained scheme to make you part with your money.

  22. 4:09

    You are the snotty unpleasant person in this discussion.

  23. How much did the car wash raise?

    I think the person has a point about economy of effort, you don't have to get so insulting to anyone with a different point of view.

    I happily volunteer at my kid's school, passing out hot breakfasts during STAR test weeks, etc., but I don't volunteer for dipshit fundraisers that amount to everyone's time being worth about 50 cents an hour.

  24. You should also mention how all the little fundraisers which take so much time and effort but raise hardly any money serve to burn parents out quickly, and they stop wanting to volunteer again.

  25. Nobody at SK is MAKING anybody do ANYTHING. I actually agree that a lot of fundraisers require way more work than they're worth, and I did very little to pull this one off. Still, my car needed a wash and vaccuum so why not support my kid's school? How amazed I was to see what an awesome community event it turned out to be! I didn't mind rolling up my sleeves and pitching in for an hour, but my kids thoroughly loved it and felt a real sense of accomplishment that my writing a check wouldn't have given them. And thanks to the generosity of donors, everyone there got a free lunch! I'm grateful there is so much good will and community spirit in our school and in the larger community that wants to see us thrive.

  26. "you are missing the point ... I am not rich but I still think that all the people hours that go into all the idiotic fundraising events are a waste of time"

    Then don't participate, open your checkbook and spare the rest of us a lecture, please.

  27. While it's a good idea to think through the efficiency question regarding fundraisers, that doesn't mean that a few somewhat inefficient ones (in terms of hours to dollars raised) are a terrible idea. Here are some pluses I can think of, off the top of my head:

    * They offer an opportunity to contribute for people who don't have a lot of money to give, but do have time, to volunteer at an event like a car wash. The low cost may be inefficient, but allows more families to participate fully. I've seen really successful fundraisers, in monetary terms, of silent auction items like a fancy dinner at someone's house, but many families can't afford the cost of that. Most, probably, can afford the cost of a car wash, or at least can volunteer. So it builds community across boundaries of low income to middle and high income, which is a big consideration in many public school communities; this may not be so true in private school though.

    * These "inefficient" fundraisers can be combined with other fundraisers, like a raffle, a cake walk, a bake sale, a use book sale, because you are bringing people to an event and then you can sell them something more.

    * These low-value events offer an entry point for neighbors, grandparents, friends to become invested in giving to the is hard for many people to ask others to donate, but suggesting a car wash, in which the person gets something back, can be a great first step to get such people on campus and seeing what a great cause it is. Then, you can hand them an annual fund envelope during the next pledge drive and they will know what you are asking for.

    * Events help build community as everyone comes together--and the kids have fun pitching in, too, and contributing to their school. They really like that, in my experience.

    Again, that's just off the top of my head. If it doesn't work for you, fine, just don't participate in that event. I do think it's worthwhile looking at a mix of events (high value/efficiency and high participation/low efficiency) over the course of the year. But one or two of these? What's the problem, if people have energy?

  28. 4:38, unpleasant but spot on.
    Just open up your checkbook and write out the check.

    If it were so easy for people totally unconnected to the school to give money for nothing in return, believe me, those of us with a grasp of the obvious would have done it already.

    7:07 -- no point wasting your energy explaining the other "benefits" of these inefficient little fundraisers.

    Let's take this all one point further.. how about those poor girl scouts, selling cookies for weeks on end, their poor parents schlepping around boxes of cookies, haranguing co-workers to buy cookies...

    why not just everyone dip into their wallets around Girl Scout Cookie season and fork over $12.00 for nothing in return. Why make those poor girls, whose time could be better spent studying, reading to younger kids, helping little old ladies cross the street, stand around at Supermarkets selling cookies? And risk getting run over by silly drivers who can't tell the difference between the car pedals.

    Darn it, why should anyone work for the minimum wage? That sounds like crimial form of inefficacy to me. And those poor people in Third World countries, just sit around until something with a better pay ratio shows up.

    New world order -- those with money just cough up the money to the school. Those without... well, volunteer your time but you should get some renumeration because no one should do anything for free after all (worst form of efficiency).

    Next year, schools should just make up a couple of posters and stick them strategically around the city, asking people to open up their checkbooks and donate (no carwash, no silly baked goods, just fork over the money, alright!)

  29. 8:50

    you represent everything that is wrong with SFUSD

    completely unopen to any positive suggestions about reserving energy and not burning out parents with endless stupid fundraisers

    and I do give money to my school,

    so stop being such a bitch

  30. Sounds like it was a GREAT event, and sorry we had to miss it! (We were already scheduled for the Mandarin speech contest at Lowell and a soccer game.) We have two cars that sure could have used some contact with a little soap and water... and then there was BBQ, plus free ice cream and watermelon on a nice, sunny day?!! (What's not to like?!) I think reading about the BBQ in this entry is what gave me a craving for it on Saturday evening. (Had to make do with Safeway BBQ ribs, but let me just say, they are better than one might assume... and the potato salad is not bad, either...) Congrats on such a successful community building, productive, green and FUN (for young and not so young) event that raised some cash, too!

  31. People! Listen to yourselves. You wouldn't allow your children to speak to each other this way. Please don't use such language, and such vitriol. Anonymity really brings out the worst in please, clearly. I challenge everyone to use their names, and see if they might post different if they do. It's a shame to hear grown people shouting at each other like first graders, just because they can get away with it because no one knows who they are. Grow up. Act like you'd like your children to act.

  32. Here's how to do it, by the way:
    When you post, just click the Name/URL button and then type in your name. Easy. Simple. And anyone who doesn't, well, we then know they feel the need to hide who they are.

  33. The storm drain expert doesn't know how our local sewer system works. Just saying.

  34. went to the West Portal carnival this weekend.

    The hardest working aduts and young adults were past students and families. I really didn't get a feeling of community there. My children's grandmother has worked at the school for 21 years. She got many hugs and many well wishes, again mostly from people and families not currently enrolled at the school.

    I can't see how they made much money on it, but I hope they did. If they'd had more volunteers it probably would have worked better. Maybe WP should hook up with a school with a volunteer force and split the proceeds. Its really a shame they don't do that.

    And nope, didn't open my checkbook and donate, we bough some raffle tickets and carnival tickets but passed on the auction items since most were not what we need and those that were were bid too high for us.

    Seems like our time and money would have been better spent at Star King... next year!

  35. SFmom,
    You (and everyone else!) are welcome to come to the Grattan Fun Fest and Silent Auction on May 16 from 11 to 5. We'll have games, food and great local bands. Really, if you've been looking for a way to see some great music and hang out with your kids, it's worth stopping by! We've got some great auction items too. Details on the website:

  36. This is funny.

    I'm the person that originall suggested that carwashes pollute and that writing a check is greener.

    And then someone else jumped on my bandwagon and every one became mad at the new me.

    so just so's you all know on these anonymous blogs it may not be just one person you deal with but mutiples.

  37. I think this blog has seriously "jumped the shark" when we're all getting bent out of shape over a...(gasp!)...fundraiser.

    I'm looking forward to hearing the results of round 2.

  38. 7:12, I'm the one you called a b----, and I think you also referred to the fundraiser as a "dipshit" event or something like that.

    Hey, I don't disagree with you at all on your point that there are more "efficient" ways to raise money. Not at all. Think that idea didn't cross my mind when I was scrubbing away at some car door? I'm not that stupid. Nor were 100% of the other parents there scrubbing away, parents who baked the night before, parents who were barbecuing in that windy playground. Think we are that stupid to not think there is a better way to make lots more money much more quickly?

    And yes, car washes are not the most "green" environmentally friendly activity that exists but my point, which many seem to have missed, is that probably half the people that showed up would have washed the car themselves in a very "ungreen" way anyway.

    Ok, happy now?

    But you seem to miss the point -- that it is NOT easy to get someone to open up their checkbook to donate money to a school to which they have no nexus, no connection. The people who lived down the street who came to have their car wash did so because they got something in return. Think if I knocked on their door and said, fork over $20 they would have done it? Like you right now.

    A lot of the people who showed up were not parents, did not have a direct link to the school. They would not have stopped by if their was no carwash or bbq or anything.

    Aahhh you say, you idiot fools, rolling up your sleeves and scrubbing away for 50 cents an hour. Dip---- fools. You should just open up your own checkbook and save yourself the grief. Not expect someone else to open up THEIR checkbook for nothing.

    But now you miss my 2nd point, which is 99% of us idiot fools scrubbing away already GAVE money and can give no more. Got it? WE are already buying pencils and other donations. WE HAVE NO MORE money to just give give give. REmember the sales tax just went up so we give more every time we eat.

    But us idiot fools do have time and energy. Was it you that volunteered to serve hot breakfasts this week? See, we have lots of people that can do that at the school too but don't have cold hard cash to give. That cold hard cash is what buys you pencils, books, a new speaker system, field trips for the kids.

    Though the economy is tanking and it sure seems like we are heading back to the bartering ages, for RIGHT now, most bricks and mortar stores, internet stores, wherever still want the cash, not the services. So you want to buy a pencil, a speaker system? Fork over money, don't come volunteer to serve my staff breakfast lunch or dinner.

    And lastly... you sure seem to miss the point that it was a community event. If everyone who had money could just give, and did, well, what about those without money. Do you think that makes them feel good at all? Does something to one's self esteem.

    So what if a bunch of rich, poor, middle class idiot fools all decided to roll up their sleeves -- wash cars, bake cookies, serve hotdogs, schlep towels around, make Bronners spray soap -- we are all in it together, builds a little community.

    Really though, I just can't get over this though -- if you are so sure on your point that it is so easy to get people to open up their checkbooks to give and get nothing in return, go right on ahead, the address is at the top.

  39. Wow! We've been all over the place with this simple post.

    The original posts intent was to alert the community to a fundraiser for a truly deserving school.

    Here's are a few way you can help a school with limited funds, without "opening a checkbook", spending a dime or facing the moral hazard of a car wash. Especially easy for Amazon shoppers, you follow a link when you order something from Amazon, and a small percentage goes to Starr King presumably for luxuries like pencils and books.

  40. I don't understand why people are incapable of discussing fundraising and parent burn-out without getting so weird and defensive.

    Yes, there are parents who have no money to donate but do have time, but their time is still valuable and should be used to make more money for the schools in other ways. Getting all the neighbors to use Escript, to use the school code when buying at Cole Hardware, buying raffle tickets for donated items, rounding up items from stores to raffle off, etc.

    But some will continue to rant on about Community Building and "it is more than a fundraiser" while still not mentioning how much the car washes raise.

    It is because the economy is so messed up that we have to conserve people's fundraising energy and time.

    But carry on your incoherent rants and middle-of-the-night babbling.

  41. 8:22 mentions 'my staff"? Could that unbalanced person be a principal? Time to retire, methinks.

  42. I'm a teacher and I also hate the time-consuming fundraisers that we are expected to take part in. Fundraisers that make more money for the companies that make the wrapping paper crap and candies than they make for the school. I already work more hours than I get paid for.

  43. 8:22 is 'unbalanced'? You mean you didn't agree with the post. No need for ad hominem attacks. There was nothing extreme in 8:22's comments.

  44. 6:53 --
    no the "my staff" is the business or store from which you wish to buy the material goods from (speaker system, pencils, etc).

    Those businesses care not a whit how much volunteer time you can put in at their business, they'd rather have money for the goods. I was just drawing on the analogy, one could go over and offer to serve breakfast lunch and dinner for a whole week in return for the speaker -- I really don't see why that is unbalanced.

    read the post.

  45. 7:34 -- I'm the unbalanced 8:22 and you know what, I hate those damn paper wrapper fundraisers too.

    and you know what, most "enlightened" parent groups no longer use such methods. not sure where you teach, but google the wall street journal, they did an article about 2 years ago and how that type of fundraiser thing is going by by.

    but the article did not mention anything about people getting rid of carwashes or other similar hare brained schemes. LOL.

    by the way, teachers are not expected to participate in any of the harebrained schemes at SK - such as the carwash.

  46. I was looking on line for a list of school fundrasers and events... specific for SFUSD (not inspiration) and there isn't one.

    Would it be useful to have a place to go to see what sorts of activites are going on so that someone with spare time or money can show up and enjoy or donate? This blog is great but its not the resource that is needed.

    I'm surprised parents for public schools doesn't have some sort of list.

    Is it because if they were all listed somewhere, people wouldn't dontate at all since EVERY school needs money at this point?

    Would people (you?) go to such a website and check out events, etc and participate? Should it just be left up to the individual school to advertise in their neighborhood and community (parents of students at the school) and leave the rest of us stressed-out people alone?

  47. funny, I went back to re-read my post and acidentally posted it...

    anyway I was going to add.. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MAY 1st.

    aggghhhhhhh, someone had posted a comment that their enrolment councelor said that a new wait list was going to be posted last week, and I KNOW that's not true yet I stop by here and everyday looking to see if by some magical moment they release the data early.

    oh you cruel person who posted that!

  48. 10:58 must be a public school administrator

    "by-by" instead of "bye-bye"


  49. sfmom, PPS does have calendar listings, click on the calendar on their homepage and you can see all sorts of school fundraisers listed.

  50. ha!

    You know I had gone to pps and clicked on their calendar and didn't see anything except their events... but when you go to May they do have the Carnival X and Jose's May 9th thing..
    so I guess they just missed the West Portal carinval and the SK car wash.

    as rosanna rosannadanna would say:

  51. 12:39

    shouldn't it be buy-buy..

    get it? The buying crap fundraisers are going buy-buy..

    (sorry couldn't help myself)

    Note to all gramamrically and spelling challanged in the world: someone is always watching! Why? Who knows!

  52. THAT'S: challenged :)

  53. ""by-by" instead of "bye-bye""

    would you want that person teaching your Kinder?

  54. 2:59 -- LOL!

    yup, I noticed the misspelling write after I posted, but whatever, you expect people to be able to stretch their little minds a little bit... of course, some lack the grasp of the obvious too.

    you know with texting, soom all spelling will be suspect.


  55. oops, that is soon!!

    wouldn't want to have any typos on this blog.

    may get crucified!

  56. oops just noticed another typo -- that is "right", not "write"!!

    no need to crucify!

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