Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot topic: Are any public schools adding classes?

An SF K Files visitor has the following question:
Can you ask the question on your blog is anyone has heard of a school adding an additional class. It looks like Clarendon JPPB added one last year and that would make a big difference in the waitpool!


  1. I believe Rosa Parks is adding a new K. Not sure if it is JBBP or GE.

  2. Rosa Parks is adding a JBBP K classroom

  3. Whoa, really? That is great news.

  4. yes, really. i would not post if here otherwise.

  5. 4:46

    no need to be sarcastic; you sound like my 13 y.o. niece. person was expressing enthusiasm at the news, nothing wrong with that. so much snark already on this blog.

  6. So...Rosa Parks JPPB is adding a K classroom.

    I've seen comments that Sheridan may be adding a classroom (don't know what grade.)

    Anywhere else?

  7. It would be better if SFUSD were able to add another K class to a more popular schools (ie. Clarendon, West Portal, etc.) because you know many people would want to go there already and it would open up more spaces in the other schools.

  8. Many of the "popular" schools cannot add classes because they don't have the space. Kindergartens also have the fire code restriction that they must be on the ground floor of the building.

  9. Sheridan principal told a friend they were adding a Kinder for fall 09.

    Thus so many assigned there who went 0/7.

  10. I have heard from a very reliable source that the district is going to add another kindergarten class at Sherman.

  11. Yes, it should make a big difference to add a class. But it didn't work out for us last year. We waitlisted Clarendon JBBP in vain without being notified.

  12. To 9:16 - Sherman is definitely NOT adding a class - consider me a reliable source. I am a parent at Sherman and in close communication with the principal. We currently have 2 GE classes and 1 English Learners classroom.

  13. Clarendon GE added a new K class. I am pretty certain that the class was filled during Round 1 (unlike the new JBBP class last year that was filled during Round 2, entirely with people who listed JBBP as their waitpool choice).

    The resulting increase in K enrollment in GE is being offset by a decrease in JBBP. In 2008 there were 2 GE K classes and 3 JBBP. In 2009 it will be the reverse. They only have so many classrooms.

    I think Clarendon GE also added a new 3rd grade class for 2009.

  14. Can anyone tell my why the emphasis is on these immersion programs and not more on GE?

  15. Clarnedon GE didn't really "add" a new class. It was known from the beginning that they had 3 kinder classes in GE and 2 in JBBP. Yes, last year they added a JBBP class after round I without any announcement. But for anyone who wanted to know prior to round I, Clarendon GE had 3 kinder classes available.

  16. I also heard that Sherman Elementary has been approached about adding a kinder class.

  17. 1:52

    Immersion programs may not be for everyone, but they are in *high* demand and always fill up. Many, many parents want that strong language component, which is stronger than all but a few (FAIS, CAIS) private schools. Immersion kids do well overall in academics (controlling for other factors).

    Also: because their admittants are self-selecting, immersion schools tend to have strong parent bases. They have also proven to be a great way to effect integration without making people mad by drawing middle class parents into low-performing schools like Flynn, Starr King, etc. In fact, this is why these programs are usually placed in low-performing schools, and this is why there are so many in the (materially poorer) SE quadrant of the city. And even in schools where there is an immersion strand and a GE strand, the factors of increased PTA money that funds shared arts programs, extra field trips and the like means that the GE program tends to improve as well.

    So that's why there are so many, and so many over here in the SE. The issue is that so many are now located in the SE sector that if we were forced to return to a strict neighborhood assignment system, there might not be enough GE spots for those over here who didn't want immersion.

  18. true, which is why the immersion programs should have their own lottery, similar to any other school district that uses neighborhood based assignment.

    alternatively, move some of the immersion programs so you have one in each quadrant (or whatever the boundaries are). yes, painful and all. but immersion programs are not for everyone, not fair to have a high concentration in one area for those neighborhood families that do not want immersion.

  19. Is anyone adding a 1st grade class? There were over 300 applicants for 1st grade next year with nowhere to go...

    I wonder why no extra first grades...

  20. the district has not increased class size to 22 yet, correct? so
    in theory, they can do that first?

    interesting though in how would they assign the kids? would it be a rerun of the round 1 requests?
    or round 2 waitpool requests?

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