Monday, March 16, 2009

Hot topic: De Avila

An SF K Files visitor requested that I start a post about a new parent group dedicated to the new De Avila school:
I have a favor to ask.
here's the background: I am one of the de Avila parents (assigned after getting 0/7) and while excited about the possibilities, am anxious and stressed about the prospects and challenges of ramping up a new school.
I started a google group on Saturday evening for de Avila prospective parents and posted it to your blog (under Round 1 letters). We have about 15 people actively engaging and sharing information, and have already surfaced & discussed some really important issues - it's been great. A few of us were able to grab some time to meet this Friday and are compiling a list of key questions we'd like SFUSD to address on march 23 (the day of the info session with all the parents). Someone from SFUSD and PPS-SF may even be there at this "pre-meeting."
We are anxious to get as many people informed and aware of the group as possible so we have a broader base of discussion & folks are simply more aware of the issues.
So here's the favor/request...could you post a new/separate post that lets people know this group exists? That way it'll be upfront and we'll hopefully be able to get a few more folks in the group/include their thoughts esp before the Monday meeting (where we will announce and hopefully get everyone who's interested to join). I fear that now the original posting I made (and someone posted a few subsequent ones) are now lost in the 950+ comments.
I will also ask SFUSD to promote this, but am not sure how that will work out...
right now, anyone can join and participate (just need to have or create a google account).
thanks so much - Nancy


  1. Does anyone know when the City College students that are there now are going to be leaving? and when the campus they're going back to will be finished (so that they can leave)?

  2. I heard that they were supposed to be out this past January, but there new site construction was delayed...and they may be moving out in August, which I hope is not true!

  3. They are returning to John Adams (over near USF on Masonic).

  4. I visited DeAvila campus and it looks like CCSF has their Licensed Vocational Nurse program in that building. I walked around and as I was leaving, I decided to check out the Auditorium. As there were CCSF classes going on, I peered through that gap between the door and saw a cadaver on the table. It must have been an anatomy lab that I stumbled upon.

  5. The school district never talked to City College about taking back DeAvilla. The construction/earthquake retrofitting at John Adams won't be finished until at least January. If the school district evicts City College, the students will have no place to go.

  6. 5:38 - ha, ha. it was one of those mannequins.

  7. this school will be successful because it is focused on one program without several competing strands that create a resource fight within the school.

    fantastic to be building from the ground up.

    no worries of stepping on toes of pre-existing programs, or being accused of drawing funds away from those programs.

  8. The school is in a nice building and located in the middle of San Francisco which is a great thing. Unfortunately, it offers Cantonese immersion program. Not chinese immersion. The school needs to call it Cantonese immersion, not chinese immersion. If the school wants to use chinese in the name, they should offer mandarin as that is considered chinese national language. Cantonese is a dialect. I still don't understand why SF school district decided to open a new cantonese program over a chinese (mandarin) program. Yes, maybe cantonese is being spoken by 70M people, but most of those 70M ppl know Mandarin or would like to learn Mandarin. Anyhow, i am not trying to change the school so that it becomes a chinese(mandarin) immersion program. But the least they need to do is to be accurate in representing themselves. The school is a Cantonese Immersion School. (btw, calling a cantonese program = chinese program is an insult to other chinese dialect speakers)