Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Friday: Additional tours of Jose Ortega

This Friday, I'll be helping lead two additional tours of Jose Ortega Elementary School at 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. (Tours are typically given on Tuesdays.) If you can, please call the school to sign up: 469-4726. Thanks! Best, Kate

P.S. Please feel free to advertise other school tours in the comments section.


  1. As a former teacher at Jose Ortega, I encourage everyone interested in SFUSD to tour Jose Ortega.

    JO has the most dedicated faculty in the district. These teachers care. It doesn't stop there. From the custodian, to the cafeteria worker, to the principal, Jose Ortega defines community.

    I now teach at one of the most "desired" schools in the city. My honest opinion, if I were sending my child to SFUSD, I'd put Jose Ortega as my first choice.

    I like the smaller setting, BEAUTIFUL campus, and close knit community.

    Go see for yourself. In my opinion, it's the best school in SFUSD.

  2. just curious, is the "desired" school you now teach at public or private? I understand your need to be anonymous, but I'm just wondering if where you now teach might be one of the so-called 5original desired schools that gets 25+ applications for each available seat? thank you!

  3. I tried calling the number and I think I got a fax. Is this the school number or your number? Anyway I am planning on coming so see you there, Kate!

  4. oops. that's the fax number. the office number is (415) 469-4726

  5. Thanks for letting me know about the number. I changed it in the post. Elizabeth above has it right: 469-4726.

  6. Just wondering... I'm considering changing schools at 4th grade looking for a strong inclusion program. Does the former teacher or tour leader have any sense of the inclusion program? Strength of the coordinator of the program, receptivity of ge teachers to accomodating sped students, willingness of the entire school community to embrace inclusion?