Sunday, December 28, 2008

Close the achievement gap: Donate to Jose Ortega

This evening, I added a Chipin button to the right of the page inviting people to donate to Jose Ortega Elementary School (JOES). I have avoided putting advertising on The SF K Files (seems highly inappropriate), but when the JOES PTA recently voted to launch a fund-raising campaign to close the school's achievement gap, I was inspired to invite site visitors to donate directly to JOES: $10, $15, every bit counts.

Many of us can easily offer our kids extra help if they're reading well below grade level or struggling with math. We can pay for a tutor or we spend extra time with our kids after school helping them catchup. This isn't a reality for all families and so Jose Ortega Elementary School is striving to raise $5,000 to provide weekly after-school tutoring sessions for students who are trailing their peers.

The principal is working with the teachers to identify students who can benefit from tutoring and schedule them into weekly after-school sessions beginning in January. This tutoring program can help students overcome specific challenges and make a real difference in their math and language skills. Through this program we can take another step toward making sure every student is proficient in the core curriculum, and give our teachers more time for in-depth instruction in subjects that inspire and motivate.

A tax deductible donation will ensure that all kids get the attention they deserve. It's our goal to not allow any children to fall through the cracks.

To make a donation, click on the orange 'ChipIn' button to the right or go to

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation! Much appreciated! Thank you, thank you. Best, Kate