Thursday, December 11, 2008

Carlos Garcia on KGO today

Superintendent Carlos Garcia, Head of SFUSD, will be on the air on KGO radio (810 am) from 11 am to noon today, Thursday, Dec. 11.

For those who wish to keep abreast of various plans/changes with SFUSD, you might want to tune in.

FYI: It is a "call in" program so it also offers opportunity for anyone to pose specific questions or concerns.


  1. Can anyone give a synopsis? I'm assuming he played up the district's commitment to "social equity"--i.e. the "balanced scorecard" (BS that won't make a bit of difference but sounds good) and the new HS requirements ("more rigorous" yeah, right). Now that Sanchez is off the BOE, it's high time the BOE got a new Supe.

  2. Why are you ragging on the balanced scorecard? We're starting to talk about it at our school and it has engaged us all in great discussions. At our school we're all excited about it and think it's going to help us improve the school "climate" and help a lot of kids who need and improve our overall community. Also, I attended the community meeting where they presented the scorecard and I was impressed. Why all the negativity?

  3. IMO the balanced scorecard is just more feel-good BS.

  4. I am involved with the Balanced Score card at two schools (elementary and middle) and feel that this is EXACTLY the kind of discussion we need to be having. What the Superintendent is trying to do is create a bottom up approach to reforming our school district. It's been 'top down' for so long - most central office administrators are clueless what the needs are at schools. I've found schools (principals, teachers, parents and students) in SFUSD to be the ones making the real change for students - some in spite of what the district does/doesn't do for them.

    Also, if you follow what is happening around the country, there are some interesting shake ups happening. I don't think what the Superintendent in D.C. is doing would fly in SF (TOTALLY top down, parents/community be damned) to get results. It is ONE way to do it, but it didn't work with Ackermann - and she is no Michell Rhee!

    I think the district is on the right track - FINALLY - and feel great about what is happening right now. Change won't be as fast as I want (especially in the face of looming budget crunch from Sacramento) but they are ABSOLUTELY addressing the right issues and asking the right questions.

    Singed - a 8 year SF public school parent veteran

  5. I hope he spoke about diversity - that is the number one priority!