Tuesday, November 11, 2008

K Files update

Hi: I'm in the midst of a site refresh and update. I have listed all reviews in the right-hand "School Reviews" column and I'll be updating the "Important Dates" column. Also, I have identified a new reviewer and I'll soon be posting reviews for Clarendon, Commodore Sloat, and Sunset. Thanks! Kate


  1. Kate,
    Would love to see a review on Sunnyside as well. Our friends' son goes there and has great things to say about it. Would love to get the KFiles perspective on the school. Thanks!

  2. I would also encourage anyone with school specific questions to post comments under the old reviews. I periodically check the review of our school just to make sure no one has asked a question.

  3. Anyone want to write up Sunnside? Email me at thesfkfiles@gmail.com