Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good news: More families are staying in the city

From the City of SF Dept. of Children, Families and Youth:

Did You Know …
After Years of Decline, Estimates Indicate SF Child Population Stabilizing
Recently released data from the US Census reveal that in 2007 there were 109,718 children ages 0 to 17 living in San Francisco, which shows little change from the 2006 estimate of 109,636 children. Also notable is the stabilization of the child population after experiencing steady decline since the 1960s. The proportion of children to adults appears to be increasing. Other highlights from new Census data:
· Children are present in one out of five San Francisco households
· Median income of families with children is $87,111
· 25% of children under 18 live in single parent households
All data is from the 2007 American Community Survey, an ongoing survey of the US Census, at The national project, KIDSCOUNT, hosts a more accessible data portal specific to children,

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