Friday, October 17, 2008

SFUSD nutrition meeting

The school food subcommittee of the SFUSD student nutrition and physical activity committee will meet on Monday November 3rd, 4-5pm at the offices of School Health Programs, 1515 Quintara St., across from Lincoln High School. Everyone is welcome to attend; this is the best place to get questions answered about school food, or find out how you can help improve things. Talk directly with the assistant director of Student Nutrition Services, and with parents and others working toward better quality school meals. These meetings are very informal, and you don't have to be a member of this subcommittee to participate; you are welcome to attend all of the meetings, or just one. We especially would like to have new parents come and get involved.

For more information on school food in the SFUSD, please visit
You can also e-mail questions directly to me (Dana Woldow, committee co-chair) at nestwife at owlbaby dotcom


  1. Or better yet, spend your volunteer time tutoring a child who isn't learning to read.

  2. Literacy volunteering is great, and important, but so is school nutrition. For many kids, free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch provides the main food of the day. Kids can't learn if they are hungry. For all our kids, offering healthy, attractive food is a plus in so many important ways. Dana and the rest of the committee have done great work despite working with ridiculously low funding for the lunches in these last few years and their work is to be commended.

  3. OK, I've got to ask this: is there any minimal standards of nutrition for an on-site afterschool program's snacks? In other words, does an on-site afterschool program have to meet certain basic nutritional requirements in what it is offering? Or, to put it bluntly, are cheetos EVER an approved snack? My kids go to a paid on-site afterschool program at their SFUSD elementary school and I am just fed up with the crap that the afterschool program feels is acceptable snack food. Cheetos, doritos, popsicles, candy and the like are typical. I've tried talking to the person in charge, but she just laughs at me. Is there someone in authority at SFUSD I can contact to complain to about this?

  4. I would suggest you complain to both Meyla Ruwin, SFUSD director of school health programs

    and also Trish Bascom, SFUSD head of student support services

    If this afterschool care is an SFUSD program, then it is clear cut that they should be abiding by the distict's Wellness Policy. Where it starts to get murky is when outside agencies run afterschool programs. Many of these programs seem to be funded by the City's Department of Children, Youth, and their Families (DCYF), and if yours is one of them, I suggest you complain to Margaret Brodkin, director of DCYF, and a vociferous supporter of better nutrition for children. If an afterschool program funded by her department is laughing in the face of a parent complaining that their child is being served Cheetos and candy, I am certain she would want to know about this.

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