Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Promote your Elementary School

PPS-SF Enrollment Event on Tuesday October 28th

Paul Revere Elementary

Come to Paul Revere Elementary School on Tuesday Oct. 28th and talk w/ 150+ preschool parents about your school. This is an invitation to table at this event and have the opportunity after the formal program to chat with parents. This is a great way to make a connection and set a favorable impression about your school. Bring any material and handouts you have but please no boards as there is limited space.

Please RSVP to ppsevents@ppssf.org and let me know if you will be coming and what school you represent. If you need childwatch for your 3+ age child please let me know.

Date: Tuesday Oct. 28th
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (But please arrive by 5:45 to setup)
Place: Paul Revere Elementary, 555 Tompkins Ave @ Folsom St.


  1. This is going to sound so politically incorrect, but while I have no qualms about sending a kid to Paul Revere, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable walking around there at night by myself unless I found parking right near the school.

  2. Not necessarily non-PC, just ignorant. I lived around the corner from Paul Revere for 5 years. Bought my home in 1999 for $500,000, sold it in 2003 for $750,000. Now those homes go for north of $800,000, even in today's economy.

    How scary to walk so close to these million dollar homes!

    Get a clue. Bernal is safe, yuppy and white people feel right at home there. :P

  3. Aren't there projects, too, just a few blocks away in the other direction?

  4. NO there are not. The projects are almost a mile away. You need to go down to Crescent (3 blocks), then loop down Ellsworth. Not even close.

    How appalling how ignorant people are!!!

  5. We just moved to SF and live in the Outer Sunset. We've never been to Bernal.

    Good for you for knowing every nook and cranny in your 'hood.

    We promise not to criticize you if you go to Philly and don't know block-by-block which ones are safe at night.

  6. anyway, the market is still falling in SF. haven't hit bottom yet. those homes ain't worth that.

    and I've heard differing opinions on safety and on yuppies being welcome there.

  7. If you walk around unfamiliar residential areas of any city feeling perfectly safe you are nuts. Nothing wrong with asking.

    I lived in Philly before here and learned to be very aware and cautious, especially at night.

    In SF is violence and"bad neighborhoods" are nowhere near as clearly defined geographically as in Philly.

  8. My child goes to Paul Revere and I am on the PTA, which meets frequently at night and I have never felt unsafe walking around the school. However, there is plenty of parking at night right in front of the school entrance and if you have any concerns the very friendly community of parents at Paul Revere would be happy to walk you to your car. It is smart to be concerned about walking alone at night in ANY neighborhood. I used to work in the Marina district and we were warned by our company of many night-time armed robberies, so it can happen anywhere. In Noe Valley where I live there are robberies all the time....and we have a $2.8 million dollar house listed up the street from us.

  9. If you're worried about the Paul Revere neighborhood then definitely do not consider the school. We each have our own comfort level. For me, I like the fact that PR is just a few short blocks from our home. We walk to and from school, and we've even come back walking after dark on event nights. Come to think of it, I walk back from meetings in the dark by myself. It's not that I'm brave. It's my neighborhood. If Paul Revere is in walking distance from your home, then it is totally worth checking out. In fact, I'd suggest checking out any school if it's within walking distance from your house.