Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good luck!

For those sending their kids off to kindergarten tomorrow, congratulations! And for those still waiting, best of luck. We'll all be thinking good thoughts for you in the weeks to come.

Finally, please feel free to share your stories about getting ready for kindergarten. Are you putting your child down for bed earlier than usual? Are you making a special dinner? Do you plan to start any first-day-of school rituals? One mom told me that she always takes a photo of her child in front of the same school mural. This way she can see how much he has grown over the years.


  1. My daughter is completely chill - we went to the kinder BBQ, two garden days and a playdate, so she knows half a dozen kids already.

    We're having a normal, very quiet Sunday night.

    I am freaking. For no reason: I love our school. It's just such a huge transition; the biggest since my youngest was born.

  2. We're keeping things mellow as well, having just received a school placement (yeah!) last week and returning from a vacation today. our daughter is excited but also mellow. After not having a placement for all of these months, she will end up knowing - to some extent - three kids in her class. This will surely help with the transition.

    I'm trying to stay calm about the 7:50 start time, having rarely had to get the kids anywhere before 9am on a regular basis. But otherwise, it is all good. Kinder will be great, no doubt.

    Let's hope that those who still don't have assignments they are happy with won't have to wait too long before that gets resolved.

  3. Yeah I should have said - I could have easily been 0/15 or one of the Flynnarados. There but for the grace, etc. My heart goes out to anyone still waiting.

  4. Love the photo in front of the mural idea...
    I'm trying to get my DD to go to bed early tonight but she's too excited. Good luck to everyone. We're bringing tissues.

  5. I just put my son to bed. We laid out his new clothes for school before he went to bed and I realized I only ended up buying two uniform tops (both short-sleeved!) I didn't want to buy a bunch of shirts and return them all when we got our waitpool school, but now I will have to run out and get some more this week!

    He is very, very excited about school tomorrow. We are happy as well with the school, but still are not sure how we will make it work with no aftercare (we already have childcare for our younger ones on the days I work, but they are napping at 1:50 and the school is too far away from our house for an easy solution). We are still hoping for our waitpool school but also know it may be very hard to switch out once school starts.

    I know we'll take photos of him tomorrow leaving the house with his backpack and lunchbox and one at the entrance of school tomorrow.

    I've got one eye on how exciting and momentous tomorrow will be, and another on the EPC and its machinations. But luckily, my son is only focused on his first day and how excited he is!

  6. Last year when my daughter started K she was very excited and had a very smooth transition. Still, I remember being very stressed during the first week. I woke up nearly every night at 2 am in the middle of some anxiety dream about her being lost at school, or some such thing. None of it was remotely tried to the reality. Just the process of letting go and watching our babies being to make their way in the world of kindergarten.

  7. Funny enough it's 3am and I'm up. It's not for school nightmares, though. I have a 16 year old dog who sometimes wakes me. That is a transition I'm not looking forward to.

    I'm excited about the prospect of being excited. Our private starts a week after yours, so be sure to come back here and hear our story. If my dog looks like she's OK I still plan on changing our waitpool school at EPC tomorrow. But as things change so often around here, you never know.

    Good luck tomorrow! I can picture all the excited and anxious 5 year olds leaving for their new big school tomorrow and it gives me butterflies!!

  8. I have to admit that this morning, while carrying the old dog (we call her Grandma now) out for her "walk" i watched neighborhood kids walking to our neighborhood school with parents--first day. I got teary.

  9. Should we start sharing 10-day count inside classroom info? My daughter just reported to her grandma (who sent cookies -- the perfect pick-me-up for my exhausted, but seemingly happy, kid) that there are supposed to be 20 kids in her class, but two were missing. This is at Grattan.