Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What if we get into our wait pool school?

Another dilemma from an SF K Files visitor:

We started our son off in our assigned school, which he now loves! It is a trek. It is a reading first school, but there is a language component. He loves the language! The school is sweet and the other parents seem very nice and involved. The principal is great. We have no aftercare, which will be a stretch this year, but fine, but our prospects will not improve in future years when it will be difficult because I will want to work more hours. The instruction (aside from the language instruction) is a bit on the rote side, and not what we were looking for. But the language is great.

Our waitpool school was our 5th choice in Round I. It is not a school we loved. We've heard mixed things about the principal and the atmosphere is a bit sterile. But we know wonderful families there, many neighbors are there and the teachers are terrific. The school has the creative components we were looking for. There is an after school language option but I have no idea of the quality. We can WALK there and our neighbors have already offered to pick up our son there when I can't.

We don't know if we'll get the call, but if we do, we have no idea what we'll do. One thing is for sure: my son will not be happy about the idea of moving at this point!


  1. After five days of driving my child across town 30 minutes+ in the morning, and then back again during the evening 45+ minutes, I would kill for a school to which I could WALK.

    No school is of good it's worth this schlepping, stress, and time away.

    If we stay in this school, we're moving. And not wanting to move (much less, out of SF) is the only reason we decided on this school. Catch 22. They say I'll get used to it, but I just can't see that happening.

    Okie Dokie. You asked for an opinion and that's mine.

  2. Having had to go back to school TWICE this week already (once for a medical issue and once for a forgotten lunchbox), there is only one answer - it has to be the one you are closest to and can get to (all other things being equal or equal-ish). I can't believe how little I rated location in my initial choices or how much I lucked out in getting a fabulous school that I can walk to. Neighborhood schools - if good - are the way to go.

  3. I traveled 25 minutes each way to my child's first school. Then we changed schools and traveled 15 minutes each way. Now we're less than five minutes away from our school and it is such a big difference for us! We have so much more time than we used to, and it's not as difficult for me to volunteer at my child's school or participate in PTA and SSC meetings.

    Yes, we changed schools twice since my son has been in elementary. As long as you are confident that this is better for your family, your child will be fine. He will be anxious about his new school at first, but you can also "prep" him for the idea of going to a school closer to home. My son had no problems adjusting to his latest school and is actually much happier to be closer to home.