Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah! Prop A wins!

Get the whole story at "S.F. voters OK $198 parcel tax for schools."



  2. I wonder how many people voted for Prop A because they read about it here? I know that this forum really brought it to my attention, and that I made a special effort to vote for Prop A yesterday because of what I've read here. So thanks, Kate, for the way in which you've contributed not only kindergarten information, but also important information about other SFUSD-related issues.

  3. maybe not the right thread, but...

    we got a call from our new school - the one we picked from open enrollment (rosa parks jbbp) telling us we needed to come down and enroll by june 12 or we would lose our spots. this is a little earlier than the august date give to us by EPC! just a heads up everyone who took an assignment at open enrollment.

  4. ugh, i hate the conflicting information thing (and i'm a promoter of the public schools too, and rejoicing in prop a passing--but epc just doesn't cover itself in glory, does it).

    anyway, i would think most folks would want to register before close of school anyway, so that you get any and all information sent out to new kinder parents as soon as possible. some schools have welcoming picnics, offer "mentor" families in the upper grades, etc.

  5. Some fun facts:

    2004-05 California State Budget for Education : 58.9 Billion

    58% - State Funds (Income taxes etc.)

    21.4% - Local Property Taxes

    6.4% - Community / Parcel Taxes (like A)

    12.9% - Federal Government

    1.4% - Lottery

    6 million school age children in public school.

    6.9 million school age children in California

    85% in Public / 15% - in Private/Parochial.

  6. wow. that lottery contribution is pathetic. what happened there?

  7. And now if we can compare those figures to how much the state is spending on prisons, the picture becomes really clear where the investment lies....

    Thank you SF for supporting our schools and for the tireless advocacy of those who made Prop A's passage possible.

  8. RE: Lottery
    The lottery contribution to education goes to UC, Cal-State, and CCs as well as HSs, MSs and ESs. I can't recall what fraction of the pie goes to each type of educational institution, but my recollection was that very little went to K-8.

  9. 8:30-
    This is very interesting. What is your info source?

  10. oops...I meant the following poster 3:56.