Thursday, June 12, 2008

Starr King in the news

A story in today's San Francisco Chronicle says the students at Starr King are "jaw-droppingly proficient in Mandarin." Read the full story: "Chinese language program a stunning bilingual success."


  1. I wonder how this will effect the school's Gen Ed program? We live in the area and looked pretty seriously at the school. I came away being very impressed by the MI program as well as the amazing principal and a real committed group of parents. If language immersion was a good choice for our child and our most important criteria, we might have considered it. Still difficult for me to come to terms with the location, though...Starr King is literally NEXT TO some scary projects.

  2. the projects are being torn down and rebuilt in 2010.

  3. anon 8:09:

    Please site your information source! I have not heard anything about this recently. Thanks,
    A Concerned Potrero Hill Family

  4. Just from an online search--look up Hope SF and Bridge Housing--there is definitely a plan in the works, but I couldn't find a timeframe anywhere. I would love to find that 2010 date confirmed. We are sending our child to SK and nervous about the projects (and the Mandarin!). They are really in bad shape. However, I hope that the kids at SK who live in the projects do not become displaced and their lives disrupted by the rebuild.

    We were very impressed by the teachers, parents, principal, and kids at Starr King.

  5. I thought the Principal rocked. He said that he personally had never had an incident happen in all his years teaching at the school. My impression from visiting the classrooms was: those kindergarteners really KNOW Mandarin. :) The kids seemed happy, engaged and well behaved, too.