Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guest blogger: Karen Capraro

So, my husband and I were sitting around the other night talking about what we should spend our tax rebate on: Big-screen TV? New clothes? A trip to Mexico to drink pina coladas?

Then we started thinking about what we would have preferred our government to have spent that money on. Quite frankly, we feel like we don't really "need" it. And we don't really buy into the 'it'll stimulate the economy' concept. But that's another story.

So we decided to set up:

The Web site encourages people to donate some, or all, of their tax rebate to public schools. The money can be used to stimulate the minds of the future.

We find it sad that our public schools are so stretched financially. California cut $4.5 billion dollars from schools this year, and in April laid off more than 10,000 teachers. You only have to look to what teachers are requesting donations for, to get an idea of how difficult these cuts have made it for schools. They're things we took for granted having at school, anything from crayons to computers, chairs for the library, new dictionaries, projectors, a rug for kids to sit on...the list goes on and on. You'll also see requests for creative, yet simple projects that seem crucial if teachers are really to engage students: like weaving Native American baskets, or field trips to nearby farms. These all seem more like basic needs to us, something that teachers shouldn't have to be scrambling around for, even often buying supplies with their own money.

And all of this public school need in a wealthy progressive city like San Francisco.....well, It's kind of embarrassing. Luckily, San Francisco also is a caring community that is ready to help when asked. So please, check out our Web site, send it to your friends, and donate, even a tiny amount, of your rebate. Because investing in the minds of tomorrow will pay off. Thanks! stimulateminds.org

Guest blogger Karen Capraro is a parent of one preschool child, soon to delve into the public school world.


  1. Good for you guys! That is fantastic. I myself am donating my rebate to Barack Obama as I feel what better use for my tax rebate than to get someone who can stimulate the economy back into office. I will, however, make a similar donation to the public schools as well. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. I wish I could donate money.

  3. I'm gonna buy stuff!

  4. Tax rebate? What tax rebate?

  5. I'm donating to Hillary Clinton because she is a candidate who actually has experience helping schools, not just making promises about it!