Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Last chance: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday tours

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are your last days to check out schools. The deadline for turning in enrollment forms is Friday. If you want to publicize a school tour, feel free to do so in the comments section of this post.


  1. Dave here from Flynn.
    We have two tours this week. Our regularly scheduled tour is on Thursday from 9-10am.
    We have an extra tour, that is tomorrow morning, Wednesday, at 8:30am.
    Meet at the office for both of these. I'm easy to spot - I'm 6'6"
    ... dave

  2. Buena Vista has a tour Wednesday at 10 am- It is our last tour so please come by to see our school!

  3. Another Spanish Immersion option is Marshall.

    There should be a tour on Frday at 8:40. Call 241-6280 to confirm.

    It is a small school (only 2 classes in K) which gives it an intimate feel. The tour starts with their weekly assembly in the quad - which gives you a nice introduction.

  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to see Fairmount before Friday?

  5. is it possible to tour schools after friday? depending on the outcome of round 1, i might want to see some schools again or visit new schools.

  6. The middle-school-searchers are still in a tizzy too! I got an e-mail overnight from one 5th-grade mom still deciding whether to list the prestige middle school (Presidio, in her case) first or "cozier" Aptos first.

    And I was just in Lucky an hour ago and ran into a 5th-grade dad asking me about the same decision, except with A.P. Giannini.

    Interestingly (as food for thought for those looking at K too): The dad I ran into in Lucky has an 8th-grader at Giannini, a friend/classmate of my daughter's from K-5 school, and he said she has been pretty unhappy at Giannini, though she has gotten straight A's and a good education. In contrast, it appears to me that both my kids have had really happy middle-school experiences at Aptos (compared to my own in Mill Valley, which was not joyful) -- even though Aptos was really still scorned as "dirty and dangerous" when my son started there in 2002.

    So, just a commentary on the issue of the "name" schools vs. the less-prestigious choices.

  7. Anyone know how long the line will be at 555 Franklin on Friday for those of us who can't get there before 10 am or so?

  8. You should check the SFUSD website as there are usually alternate places - schools - where you can also drop off. We dropped at Starr King last year (a day or so before the deadline) and it was simple and quick.

  9. A single example of an unhappy middle school student is hardly a convincing criticism of that school. I'm sure there are unhappy students at the less prestigious schools, too. I think that most of us have looked at all sorts of schools and understand that there's more to this decision than knowing whether a particular school is considered "prestigious" or "cozy."

  10. i think you can only drop off at a school site if you have another child enrolled in sfusd. they only check residency at the district office. that is what they told me, but who knows!

    i am about to draw schools out of a hat to come up with an order for my seven. anyone else going back and forth like crazy on this? i saw a school today that knocked another off the list! it has go to stop!

  11. Off-topic, but I don't know where else to ask this: I've toured 18 schools, and the overwhelming majority of them have principals who have been at the school three years or less. What's with such upheaval? I can't imagine I just happened to select the schools with new principals - is this amount and timing of turnover normal, or something unique to the SFUSD?

  12. I called the SFUSD office and they confirmed that it was the only location for new applicants. That said, I did see on the PPS listserv that there is an enrollment event TONIGHT at the Bayview library:

    Kindergarten Enrollment at the Bayview Library
    Learn about public schools from Parent Ambassadors
    Presentation on Kindergarten Readiness by Jumpstart
    Turn in your application to EPC counselors! Avoid a trip to 555 Franklin!

    Bayview Library, Anna E. Waden Branch, 5075 Third Street @Revere
    5:30 to 7:30pm
    Free Childcare with activities by Jumpstart
    Spanish Interpretation available
    Free dinner provided by First Five
    Prizes and books for kids!

    (that was a copy/paste)

    I too can't enroll until Friday. Heck, I'm looking at one, maybe two, schools on Friday morning. Ayee!

  13. Dropping off applications...
    Just came from 555 Franklin.
    Yes, new apps need to go there.
    Yes, Friday will probably be a zoo (the staff are expecting it to be).
    But the line moves pretty fast, I got there at 3:20, there were about 15 people ahead of me, I was out the door at 3:45. Not too bad.

    One note, make sure that the NAMES on all of your proofs of residency are written the same as you write them on the application. I never use my first name, but everyone official does... and I forgot.
    And make sure that they're originals, the lady in front of me brought photocopies and was sent home for the originals. They don't keep them, but they do want to see them.
    Good luck, I'm off for a celebratory glass of wine!

  14. Absolutely -- the readers of this blog are already very sophisticated education consumers:

    **I think that most of us have looked at all sorts of schools and understand that there's more to this decision than knowing whether a particular school is considered "prestigious" or "cozy."**

    Every case is different, so I guess that was really my point.

  15. i visited buena vista as a last chance tour this morning but was only able to see K and 1st grade classes. i was very impressed by the teachers and the students seemed very engaged and happy. can anyone speak to what they saw in the higher grades? thanks!

  16. To the poster who asked whether it would be possible to tour a school after the Round 1 deadline, I can't speak for all the schools specifically but I know at mine we are utterly exhausted from tours at this point. But we have scheduled one tour for the week after the letters go out (March 19), for families who are given a spot and want to make sure we're the school for them. A number of schools do this, so once you get your letter I would call the schools you want to see and ask whether they're scheduling tours that week.